“At Amici I use rigor and empathy. Am I too good? That’s fine”

The show girl talks about herself in 360 degrees in Silvia Toffanin’s living room: her work in Maria De Filippi’s talent show, her family, her difficult childhood, her career


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“The approach I have with the boys of Amici it has never changed, even if experience helps to take better measurements. I generally try to be a happy medium for them, between the coach and the parent. Let’s not forget that they are very young kids with their dreams and their fragilities. They tell me I’m too good, but I don’t think so, and that’s why I’m fine the way I am.”

The interview with Amici cannot help but start from his experience as a coach Silvia Toffani a Lorella Cuccariniguest a very true.

The most loved by Italians talks about herself with great simplicity, talking about her life on stage, a few months after the incredible milestone of forty years of her career, and about her life outside the spotlight. The one with her parents four childrenfor example, with which he says he uses the same approach he uses with the boys of Amici.

“Even with my children when they were little I believe I combined rigor and affection, and I hope I did well. With my husband we tried to avoid media exposure for them, we tried to protect them a lot, for example the photos that They were only photos chosen and taken on very few, specific occasions. We tried to preserve them, today that they have grown up it is obviously different and they do what they feel like doing.”

The freedom to be oneself in the Cuccarini household is also confirmed when the presenter asks the “most loved by Italians” for a comment on the sensation that the daughter Chiara, publicly declaring herself fluid. The presenter was more than anything surprised by the outcry, in fact she says: “She struck me all this fuss. My daughter simply said that she was an open girl, that she felt free to love a girl or a boy. Our children have grown up in an environment where they must feel free, what we hope is simply that they are happy, then they will make their own choices.”

Will any of his four children follow in their parents’ footsteps into show business? Silvia Toffanin asks and it seems so, judging from mother Lorella’s half-amused and half-proud response. “Initially, based on the studies they did, I really thought not, apart from Giorgio who has always been passionate about electronic music and moved to Milan for this. Then I discovered that even the older ones, Sara and Giovanni, love work behind the scenes and in fact at the moment they are working together with their father.”

When he talks about his children, his own beautiful and great family, Lorella Cuccarini she appears satisfied, a nice redemption considering that, hers childhood it was quite tough, from a family point of view. “Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky. My parents separated when I was 9 years old, but for us too it was a positive event, a moment of regaining serenity because before the separation mine was a family in which there was no serenity. It was a complicated but very beautiful childhood. I always felt loved, mum was very good, she covered all the roles. I have wonderful memories of my childhood, I was younger, with my brothers always very close. Of mum and dad together I only have memories from photos, I don’t have the perception of having seen tenderness between them. I always remember them quarrelsome and resentful, pain and worry for the future, but it was a family with a lot of love, and this made up for everything else “.

Despite the harshness of the situation, the showgirl says that she also understood her father’s difficulties: “Dad had a very bad childhood, his mother died giving birth to him. He was never loved, which is why he was a somewhat lack of affection. , I forgave him because he is my father. My male reference figure in the absence of a father, for years he was my brother Roberto. She was 3 and a half years older, but she took me with her when she went out with friends, and then in my journey I met many important male figures, starting with my dance teacher Flavio Turchi.”

Close to a truly noteworthy professional goal, one cannot help but ask Lorella Cuccarini what the secret of such a brilliant and long-lived career is:

In 2025 I will celebrate 40 years of careerwhat has helped me most in recent years, to face even the ups and downs, has been the love for this profession, I am in love, I deeply love what I do”.

A passion that he also transmits to his young people Amici students with whom bonds are not broken once the talent is over:

“With the boys of Amici I always maintain a relationship with everyone. I’m really fond of them, also because after such an intense year like the talent one you can’t cut the cord: it’s really nice for me to see how they grow out. I’m always happy if they succeed“.

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