At 13 years old, Miguel is the jiu-jitsu sensation in Criciúma

A great jiu-jitsu talent from the Municipal Sports Foundation (FME) of Criciúma. Miguel Donini Kelemann, 13 years old, has become a standout in the sport. In 2023 alone, the athlete reached the podium more than 10 times, fighting in national and international competitions. The athlete dedicates himself daily to training and, every Wednesday, participates in the FME social program, +Esporte +Futuro.

“I’ve been practicing jiu-jitsu since I was 7 years old, encouraged by my father, who is a brown belt and trains with me. In addition to jiu-jitsu, I’ve practiced muay-thai, capoeira, judo and taekwondo. Every time I step onto the mat, I think about doing my best to impress people. In a few years, I see myself in the United States, competing in the World Cup. My biggest inspirations are the athletes Fabrício Andrey, Micael Galvão and Henrique Ceconi from Cricium”, said Miguel.

At the Brazilian Competitive Jiu-Jitsu Federation (CBJJC), Miguel was world champion in a competition held this year, in Joinville. In addition to this championship, the athlete medaled, just this year, in the 4th Stage of the Amesc Cup, in Santa Rosa do Sul, securing the gold medal. Miguel also came in 1st place in the Absolute category of the Copa Pódio, in Vacaria (RS), and won the champion trophy of the Gramado Challenger Championship. The athlete was also runner-up in the AJP Tour Betim International Jiu-jitsu Championship, in Paraná, and 3rd place in the Internacional Kids, in Rio de Janeiro.

“For us, it is a source of pride to see an athlete at a young age winning major championships. He serves as an inspiration to his colleagues in the sport and also to others, as we know his dedication in training and in his fight to achieve the podium in all the events he participates in. We wish him a wonderful career in the sport”, encouraged the president of FME of Criciúma, Martinho Mrotskoski Neto.

Family encouragement

Miguel’s father, Alex Sander Fredes Kelemann, is the athlete’s greatest supporter. Together, they make car scents, gourmet popcorn and crush cans to sell and raise funds so that Miguel can participate in competitions.

“As a father, I am immensely proud when I see my son in a championship. In addition to being a great athlete, he dedicates himself to his studies every day, as education and sport need to go hand in hand. He respects everyone in the classroom and in fights too. He has always been very committed, focused and serves as an inspiration to other athletes, in addition to having already been invited to open some championships”, mentioned his father, also thanking the support that FME provides to the athlete.

+Sport +Future Program

The +Esporte +Futuro social program offers free jiu-jitsu classes. Classes take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 9am to 11am, at the Ginásio Municipal Irmão Walmir Antônio Orsi, in two groups: one for children aged 7 to 15, and the other for people over the age of 16.

“Athletes like Miguel motivate us to maintain the project and increasingly strengthen the sport that has been growing in the city and in the coal region. The athlete is a reference in the category for the children who participate in the program. It is a modality that has also been growing within the project, and that we will bear fruit in the future”, highlighted the social coordinator of FME in Criciúma, Junior Rampinelli.

Those interested in participating in classes should contact us via WhatsApp on (48) 3431-0019.

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