Asian Cup 2023.. The Palestinian national team receives great public support despite the loss

Palestinian flags fluttered in the courtyards of Education City Stadium in Qatar, hours before the start of the Palestinian team’s first match with its Iranian counterpart in… Asian Cup 2023.

From different nationalities, fans supported Palestine in their own way, as they wore keffiyehs in different ways, and flocked to support a team seeking to draw a smile on the face of a people searching for joy in the shadow of tragedy.

Despite the loss of the Palestinian team In front of his Iranian counterpart The great public support for him did not diminish, as fans confirmed to Al-Arabi that this encouragement was the least they could offer this people.

Achievements despite loss

“It was not a start.”The guerrilla“It is the best in the tournament, after losing by four goals to one against its Iranian counterpart, which put it in last place in the third group.

But Tamer Sayyam’s goal was the first for “Al-Fedayi” in the history of its participation in the Asian Cup, which raised the score spirits Coach Akram Daboub, who in turn continued to support his players.

Daboub said in a press conference, thanking the Qatari, Iranian and Arab fans who supported the Palestinian team on and off the field.

The Palestinian national team coach continued: “We thank them for this great solidarity with the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause, and we hope that this encouragement will continue in the next match, which is very important for us.”

Pride and hope for more

The loss to Iran did not prevent Al-Fedayi fans of all nationalities from coming out proud of what the Palestinian team presented, especially since it faced one of the most prominent candidates for the continental title.

The Iranian team is staffed with players who are accustomed to playing in the largest football tournaments in Europe, with their foreign teams.

One of the fans wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh said: “The match was wonderful. It is true that we did not win, but the team raised our heads despite the circumstances they are going through and the psychological fatigue they are suffering from… Whether we win or lose, we are happy.”

The fans do not come behind the Palestine national team to support the Palestinian national team only in the context of football, but rather their primary goal is to support a national team. In every dribble and shot it takes resides the story of an entire people suffering from sadness, hoping to rejoice in the Arab familiarity in Doha.

Al-Fedayi hopes to benefit from his first goal in the continental championship against… The UAEin the match that will bring them together next Thursday.

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