Artist Ahmed Farhat after suffering a “stroke”: “I am being treated at home… and I feel better” – Art

Artist Ahmed Farhat revealed the developments in his health condition, after he suffered a stroke, which required his transfer to a hospital in Cairo, and his confinement in the intensive care room, until his condition stabilized and any side effects that negatively affected him were avoided.

Developments in the health condition of artist Ahmed Farhat

And about the latest developments in the artist’s health condition Ahmed FarhatHe said in statements to Al-Watan that he is currently continuing his treatment journey at home, until his condition is completely stabilized, stressing that he will follow the doctors’ instructions and adhere to them to ensure a speedy recovery.

Heaviness in movement and tongue

He pointed out that he was lucky that the medical team treating him was at the highest level: “Praise be to God, there is a very great case of interest With my health crisis“Especially since the stroke affected the movement and my tongue a little, and I cannot speak as I did in the past, and in any case I feel better.”

The most famous child in Egyptian cinema

Ahmed Farahat is considered one of the most famous children of Egyptian cinema in the 1950s. Among his most prominent films are “A Rumor of Love” and his famous phrase “You are my father, my love,” the film “The Secret of the Invisibility Cap,” “Love Street,” and “The Idol of the Masses.”

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