Artificial intelligence reproduces the voice of Elis Regina singing Marina Sena and Marília Mendonça; listen

Recently created, the Instagram address also simulates a new duet with Gal Costa and versions of songs by Cássia Eller and Marisa Monte

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When the controversy surrounding the use of artificial intelligence to recreate the voices of artists who have already died seemed to be abated, a new profile on Instagram decided to publish new experiments with the voice of one of the most important singers in Brazil: Elis Regina.

Elis at a 1973 show

Elis at a 1973 show


About three days ago, the address started publishing videos in which Elis’s voice is simulated using digital tools to sing songs by current names in Brazilian music, singers who had not even been born when Elis died, 41 years ago. Full versions are being posted on YouTube.

Among the songs are Unfaithfula hit by country singer Marília Mendonça, Of courseMarina Sena’s first success and You are no goodsong recorded by Mallu Magalhães.

The profile also simulated a new meeting between Elis and Gal Costa in music Cheap Total. The two singers only sang together once, in 1981, on a TV Globo special. There is still a version of Elis singing Passion Floweranother hit for Gal.

The owner of the profile, who does not identify himself, also posted Elis ‘singing’ Opinionsuccess of its rival Nara Leão; Extraordinary Hotties, which was marked in the voice of Cássia Eller; in addition to Daily, I know e Well I Wantedhits by Marisa Monte.

From recordings by Maria Rita, daughter of Elis, there are three simulations: the sambas Cara Valente e In One Body and the song Meetings & Farewells, composed by Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant. There are others, like Toh coming backknown in the voice of Simone, and Kilarioby musician Di Melo.

The result, like everything involving artificial intelligence when it comes to recreating voices, is doubtful, despite the curiosity, especially because it is not a more refined work – there are syllables that are swallowed, come out in jerks or are ‘pronounced’ ‘ incorrectly. Not to mention the robotic voice.

Em Of course, for example, the beginning seems good, but, when reaching the chorus, the voice completely moves away from Elis’ timbre and the result is quite disastrous. In In One Bodythe result is a little more satisfactory.

To date, no official release of Elis’s voice recreated through digital tools has been made. In July, the singer’s image was recreated for an advertisement alongside her daughter, Maria Rita.

In the video, Elis appeared driving a Kombi and performing a duet with Maria Rita in the song Like our parents. However, for advertising, only Elis’s face was recreated. The voice was taken from the recording that Elis made for Belchior’s song in 1976.

At the time, the advertisement opened a huge debate about the use of artificial intelligence to recreate the voices and images of dead people. The video was the subject of representation at Conar, which months later closed the case without any punishment for the creators of the commercial, despite admitting the lack of rules on the subject.

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