Arlindo Cruz’s wife is criticized for reporting a hot conversation with a samba singer, who suffers from stroke consequences: ‘Unnecessary’

Baby Cruz received harsh criticism for exposing a hot conversation with Arlindo Cruz, who has been in a delicate condition since 2017, when he suffered a stroke, in an interview. Currently, the samba singer doesn’t speak, doesn’t walk and needs help to eat. He continues to recover.

According to Babi, Arlindo is capable of having orgasms despite his delicate health. The former flag bearer reported a conversation with the singer in the hospital, in which the two recalled sexual relations.

“I started: ‘Do you remember that time we dated like this and that, in that place and how wonderful it was?’. I found a way to talk to Arlindo, talking about our sex scenes. At the end of that conversation, I had cum and him too, without touching us. When I put my hand in the diaper [dele], which I looked at, I said: ‘Dad, it was an orgasm, dad. What a birthday present you gave me”, he told the program “Geral do Povo”, led by Geraldo Luís.

The interaction, according to Babi, was encouraged by the doctors taking care of Arlindo. “I told him [o médico] this fact. Then he would ask me to talk again, or even create stories like that to see if that was what was catching his attention. [Arlindo]. Man, right?” she explained.

Babi Cruz is criticized for exposing Arlindo Cruz

The excerpt with Babi’s statement went viral on the web and divided opinions. “There are things you don’t need to talk about. Respect your husband’s memory”, she said one. “Is Arlindo Cruz dead?” asked another. “No, but he is in a state where he cannot defend himself”, explained a third. “Guys, what an unnecessary, inelegant and disrespectful woman. Capable of anything to appear. How sad”, lamented one.

Babi Cruz is married to samba singer Arlindo Cruz, who suffered a stroke in 2017 — Photo: Reproduction Instagram
Babi Cruz is married to samba singer Arlindo Cruz, who suffered a stroke in 2017 — Photo: Reproduction Instagram

“It’s unnecessary to talk about this. It’s even a lack of respect,” said one. “I think it’s funny how clueless these people are,” said another. “My God, how did this get on open TV? Wow”, highlighted one. “I don’t know which is worse, her saying that or the broadcaster releasing it to national television. Lack of respect for Arlindo,” said one. “What a horror that she would reveal this type of intimacy from a person who is no longer aware of her actions. Completely unnecessary to make this exhibition”, pointed out another.

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