Argentine football, in mourning: Federico Sacchi died, glory of Racing and the National Team

Federico Sacchi shone in the late fifties and sixties (AFA)
Federico Sacchi shone in the late fifties and sixties (AFA)

This Tuesday, Federico Sacchi, glory of Argentine football in the fifties and sixties, died at the age of 87. He was champion in Racing and in Boca Juniorsbut his trademark was his elegant way of playing that distinguished him throughout his career, which at the professional level lasted barely a decade, but long enough to be included in the Hall of Fame of the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

Nicknamed “Universitario” for his correct way of treating the ball, he was born in Rosario on September 4, 1936. He served as a central defender. He did Children’s in Federal Shooting and then it happened to Newell’swhere he debuted in the First Division in 1958.

Racing's farewell post
Racing’s farewell post

In 1961 he moved to Racingwhere he was champion that year and was in the Academia until 1964. He became one of the best players of the time and his performances earned him a call-up to the World Cup in Chile in 1962.

In 1965 he went to Boca Juniors and became champion again. In 1967 he emigrated to Peru and joined the Sporting Cristalalthough in the middle of the year it went to Future Miraflores from the Inca country, where he played the role of player and technical director. In 1968 he retired from professional practice due to injury.

Newell's message
Newell’s message

Despite being active for a decade, his legend transcended for being a standard bearer of the good game. His departures from the back, avoiding rivals or opening the game with short passes and precise changes of front, remained in the retinas of fans of the round. That elegance also earned him the nickname “galley and stick” player. By case, César Luis Menottiwith whom he played in Racing and Boca, once revealed that Federico was embarrassed to kick the ball outside.

That link with Skinny Menotti continued and once retired, Sachi dedicated himself fully to technical direction, especially of children’s and youth teams. He also worked as a strategist: it was in 1984 when he was in charge of Tigre’s first team. In the Victoria club he directed 44 games. He added his participation in Atlético de Rafaela.

The publication of the Argentine national team
The publication of the Argentine national team

The AFA included him among the 24 Argentine soccer players who make up the Hall of Fame. When he retired he totaled 172 games and 20 goals. In 2011 he was declared “Distinguished Athlete of the City of Rosario” by the Rosario Municipal Council.

This Tuesday, upon learning of his departure, some of the institutions in which he worked evoked his legend. “The Newell’s Old Boys Athletic Club deeply regrets the death of Federico Sacchi, a remembered defender born in our institution, who wore the red and black between 1958 and 1960,” said the Rosario club.

“Champion with Racing in 1961, defender of enormous quality, among the best in the history of Argentine football. You will always be in the memory and heart of every racing player! Goodbye, Federico!” was the farewell of the Academia.

Interview with Federico Sacchi prior to a recognition in Racing (Mozart and Corbatta)

“Deep Pain. The Argentine Football Association regrets the death of Federico Sacchi, a luxurious defender of the Argentine National Team in the 1950s/60s, and sends condolences to his loved ones,” reported the AFA.

Some time ago Racing He acknowledged him. “I have strange sensations. On the one hand, the memories I have of Racing and on the other hand the boys, who I hope are well where they are. I am very excited. “I haven’t been here for a long time,” he said in the vicinity of the Countersink Cylinder in an interview with the party media Mozart and Corbatta.

The departure of Federico Sacchi It implies a great loss for Argentine football. It is a day full of nostalgia for lovers of the good game who remember a star who marked an era.

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