Are there any changes coming to the Boca Football Council for 2024?

They won’t recognize it. The combative spirit like the one that distinguished them on the playing field will lead them to never give in. But as happens even in the best families, four years of working side by side can cause some wear and tear and tension. Whereby the Football Council of Boca could undergo some tweaks in 2024as long as Juan roman riquelme win the elections.

The Council came to the club thanks to Román and at first became the protective shield of the “ten” or “our vice president”, as they call their former teammate and president of the Football Department. Those who come out to the crash, those who show their faces, and those who wear themselves out. First there were three with Jorge Bermúdez, Marcelo Delgado and Raúl Cascini, and in February 2021 they added Chicho Serna, who was as an aide-de-camp for the Reserve. And Chanchi Riquelme, Román’s brother, is not a direct member of the CdF, but functions as a right-hand man, as an advisor.

Everyone has their job“There is the center back (Bermúdez), the double five (Cascini-Serna), the one who handles the ball (Riquelme) and the one who scores the goals (Delgado),” Bermúdez said a while ago. And he added about the relationship with the squad : “Have a very healthy relationship, there are 4 or 5 different relationships. One is with the vice president, who is a little more distant and logical, with respect. Another is with Chicho (Serna), who is more cordial, more about entering; one is with Raúl (Bermúdez), who has another confidence, a very healthy one is with Chelo (Delgado), who speaks little but is a friend; and one is with me, the one who talks the least, but when they need me I lend my hand.

In the middle of this four-year management, during a few months of 2022, The Patron took leave and traveled to Colombia to accompany his father, who was going through a health problem. And although she acknowledged some differences of opinion with Román, she clarified that friendship was always “above everything.” She also denied that she left a piece of paper on the windshield of a car warning that she was leaving.

Of the four members, the Cello is the closest to Románthe brother of life, total trust, and he was the one He made them add a friend of his like Cascini. Both had had a short experience as a technical duo in Los Andes, in promotion football. And today they appear as the main supporters of the presidential candidate for the ruling party. In fact, it was no coincidence that they accompanied him in an interview from La Bombonera for a YouTube program.

Bermúdez, for his part, arrived on behalf of Jorge Ameal. She accompanied him in the 2015 elections and again in 2019, as a soccer supporter of the president who at the time said he did not understand much about soccer. That is to say, very much in conflict with Mauricio Macri and Macrism, the Patron has been in politics long before JR decided to get involved. AND Chicho entered despite having campaigned with José Beraldi in the last elections.

By 2024, in the event that Riquelme wins the elections, the Council could undergo some adjustments, with the Colombians pointed out for some time. “For now they are hidden, you don’t see them as much”, they said from Ezeiza. “Some are a little tired, it’s a long time,” they added. Although when asking for any official confirmation, with the vote involved, they say that at the moment there is no announcement to make. Will everything stay the same or will it change?

The opinion of the opposition

The view of the opposition led by Andrés Ibarra and Mauricio Macri is not to maintain the figure of the Football Council. “I dissolve it in the first minute“It’s a terrible decision, it contaminates the locker room and takes away the coach’s authority,” Ibarra said. At the same time, he raised the desire to convince Guillermo Barros Schelotto to accept being the manager.

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