Apple event filmed with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, even the drone footage

Apple unveiled new Macs with new chips last night during a short event. Afterwards it turned out that all images were made with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

It Tonight’s Apple event was special for a number of reasons. It was one of Apple’s shortest events and the first time Tim Cook greeted the viewer with “good evening” instead of “good morning.” But most importantly, it was the first Apple event filmed entirely with an iPhone.

According to Apple, “all presenters, locations and drone footage” were shot with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The company has been saying for a number of years that its Pro devices are suitable for making films in cinema quality, so for the first time Apple is also venturing into it itself.

15 Pro Max can do more than ever

In the field of film, the iPhone 15 Pro line also more than ever. The phones have a faster USB-C connection than the iPhone 15, faster than Lightning. Therefore, SSD storage can be connected directly to the iPhone. This makes filming in very large ProRes more attractive, where images are not compressed – think of it as RAW for video.

In addition, the 15 Pro models are the first iPhones to film in ProRes Log at 60 frames per second. Log is a color format used in the professional film industry for color correction. Furthermore, the iPhone 15 Pro world’s first ACES, the Academy Color Encoding System, a system for maintaining color accuracy. And then the 15 Pro Max also has a 5x zoom lens.

Post-processing and lighting are important

So the images were filmed with a iPhone 15 Pro Max, but what we see is not rolled out of the phones. Thanks to the above properties, the images can be extensively post-processed. Color and even lighting can be adjusted, and Apple has likely already properly lit its presenters and sets during filming.

The question then remains whether Apple will continue to use iPhones to film its events in the future. It is quite conceivable that Apple will indeed use more of its own equipment in its presentations, if only so that they can also be seen with the Vision Pro. Images on the Vision Pro have a 3D effect, so everything should look as if you were there.

Update: Apple has now also shared a video with a look behind the scenes:

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