Anielle attributes rain tragedies in Rio to “environmental racism”

Minister of Racial Equality said she was monitoring events in the municipality; understand the meaning of the term “environmental and climate racism”

The Minister of Racial Equality, Anielle Franco, said she was monitoring the effects of heavy rains hitting Rio de Janeiro since Saturday night (January 13, 2024).

Anielle also stated that “imminent tragedies” resulting from the storm – which by the afternoon of this Sunday (14 January) had already killed 11 people– are the result of “effects of environmental and climate racism”.

The minister’s speech had repercussions on social media. Among the people who commented on the term is the former president’s lawyer Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Fabio Wajngarten.

Can someone explain to me what ‘environmental and climate racism’ is? Is it in the same vein as the racism in stadiums at the end of a championship?”, he questioned.

The speech is in reference to the episode in which a advisor to the Ministry of Racial Equality said that the São Paulo fans was formed by “descendant of naughty European” during the 2nd game of the Copa do Brasil final against Flamengo, at Morumbi, in September 2023. The advisor was fired posteriorly.

In addition to being a minister, Anielle is part of the Board of Directors of the metallurgical industry Tupy since the end of August. Adding her earnings from the council (R$36,115) with her salary as a minister (R$41,650), Anielle has a monthly salary of R$77,765, which can reach up to R$87,526.


Myanna Lahsenanthropologist and researcher at the Division of Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerabilities of the Commit (National Institute for Space Research) told the Poder360 that the term refers to the relationship between space and vulnerability in the event of natural disasters.

It means that those who are most exposed to the risks of natural phenomena are poor people – who are mostly black and brown – who live in more vulnerable places and without infrastructure to protect themselves against elements such as floods and landslides.

For the researcher, climate change and extreme events resulting from human activity are expected to become more intense. “Trends for these events have increased with climate change. Add this to pre-existing inequality and those who pay the bill with their lives and losses are the people who can bear it least – the poorest”.

In Rio, the rains affected several regions, including noble areas, such as the South Zone.

According to the system Alerta Rio, the North Zone region was the most affected by the storm. The meteorological station in the Anchieta neighborhood reached an accumulated 259.2 millimeters of rain in a 24-hour period, the record in the station’s entire historical series (started in 1997).


14.jan.2024 (11:20 p.m.) – unlike the post above, the speech by the advisor from the Ministry of Racial Equality was during the 2nd game of the final of the Copa do Brasil, and not the 1st game. The text has been corrected and updated.

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