Angry at Elon Musk for his visit to Israel and ignoring the victims of Gaza

The pioneers of social networking sites, specifically “X”, were greatly angered after the site owner and businessman Elon Musk visited Israel and declared his sympathy for the Israeli occupation, as Mark’s name became a “trend” across the pages and accounts of X, specifically in the United States of America. .

Elon Musk on his visit to Israel

Americans who sympathize with the Palestinian cause, and condemn the Israeli occupation, its barbarism, its bombing of the Gaza Strip, and its killing of civilians and children, launched a campaign calling on Elon Musk to go to Gaza as he did with Israel, and they created the hashtag “ ElonGoToGaza“.

The hashtag is shared by a large group of those who reject the actions of the Israeli occupation, and those who reject Musk’s support visit to Israel, and even his announcement that he will not provide Gaza with the Internet without permission from Israel itself.

Arabs and Americans attacked Elon Musk for the visit, as the hashtag included cartoons condemning that visit, denouncing Elon Musk’s view of the issue from only one side, which is the Israeli side, while turning a blind eye to the thousands of victims and martyrs and the demolition and collapse of the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip, and the transformation of tens of thousands of homes into rubble.

Satirical cartoon
Satirical cartoon

Cairo News Channel reported in urgent news that Egyptian-Qatari efforts are succeeding in maintaining the humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian-Qatari efforts resulted in the extension of the humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip for two additional days between the Israeli occupation forces and the Palestinian resistance factions, after it was scheduled to end on Monday.

The humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip entered into on the fourth day, under Egyptian, Qatari and American sponsorship, after an Israeli aggression that has continued since the seventh of last October on the Strip, resulting in the martyrdom of more than 15,000 citizens, including 6,150 children, and more than 4,000 women, in addition to… More than 36 thousand wounded.

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