Angelina Jolie described Gaza as a mass grave and demanded a ceasefire

A large number of Egyptian, Arab and foreign artists showed solidarity with Gaza after it was subjected to brutal aggression by the Israeli occupation army, and among the international stars who stood in solidarity with Palestine and attacked Israel, the international star Angelina Jolie She appealed more than once and talked about what is happening in Gaza through her social media accounts.

Angelina Jolie commented for the first time on the events currently taking place in Gaza, and the international and humanitarian violations to which its residents are exposed at the hands of the Israeli occupation army, which have claimed the lives of civilians. She wrote a lengthy post on her Instagram account, which she began by saying that she condemns all forms of violence, and is closely following everything that happens. Like millions around the world, she said: “I certainly condemn everything that happened on October 7th in terms of terrorist attacks on Israel, which claimed the lives of many, and I sympathize with the mothers and everyone there,” she said.

She continued: “But this does not justify the loss of innocent lives in the bombing of the civilian population in Gaza, who have no place to go, not even food or water, and no possibility of leaving to another place.”


She added that she has worked with refugees for 20 years, and therefore her focus is on people displaced by violence in any context, explaining: “Gaza has a population of more than two million people (half of whom are children), who have been living under a severe siege for nearly two decades. In addition to decades of displacement and statelessness.”


She pointed to the aid, saying: “The few aid trucks that are currently entering the country constitute a small part of what is needed and were delivering more frequently before the strike. The bombings create daily humanitarian needs, and the deprivation of aid, fuel and water can only be called collective punishment for the people, and therefore it is a reality.” Humanity must demand an immediate ceasefire, as the lives of Palestinians and Israelis and the lives of all people around the world are of equal importance.”


In another post by the star Angelina Jolie, she said: “This is the deliberate bombing of the besieged population who have nowhere to flee. Gaza has been an open prison for nearly two decades, and is quickly turning into a mass grave. 40% of the dead are innocent children and families.” The whole thing is killed“.

Angelina concluded: “While the world watches and with the active support of many governments, millions of Palestinian civilians, children, women and families, are being subjected to collective punishment and dehumanization, all while being deprived of food, medicine and humanitarian aid, which is contrary to international law.”

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