Anas Jaber’s tears stir the world’s feelings and global interaction in support of Palestine.. video

Tunisian tennis star Anas Jaber showed great sympathy for the Palestinian cause, in light of the brutal attack on the Gaza Strip by the occupation forces, since the seventh of last October.

Anas Jaber burst into tears during a press interview after achieving her first victory in the Mexican Cancun Championship, at the expense of her Czech counterpart, Marketa Vondrochova, in two sets to none, because of what is happening in Palestine.

The Tunisian tennis star spoke, while shedding tears: “The situation in the world does not make me happy, despite winning the match. It is very difficult to see boys and children dying every day.”

She added: “What is happening in Palestine is heartbreaking, so I decided to donate part of my prize money to help the Palestinians. I cannot be happy with this win alone, in conjunction with what is happening. I’m sorry guys, it’s supposed to be about tennis, but… “It’s very frustrating to watch videos every day.”

She concluded by saying:This is not a political message, it is just humanitarian. “I want peace in this world and that’s all.”

Tunisian star Anas Jaber’s speech received great sympathy from the Arab and international audiences, who sympathize with the Palestinian cause, in light of what is happening to the Palestinian people from the occupation forces.


Anas Jaber

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