Ana Hickmann says her ex-husband called her ‘fat’ and ‘old’: ‘He controlled my schedule’

The presenter Ana Hickmannaged 42, stated that, In addition to physical aggression, he suffered psychological abuse for years by her ex-husband, Alexandre Correa, 51 years old. This was the first time she gave an interview on open TV about the case, on the program “Domingo Spectacular”, on TV Record. The reason for the fight last Saturday, she claims, was to reveal her financial problems to her son.

‘I heard a lot that I was fat’

— I heard a lot that I was fat. He had a great gift for making me feel like shit — said the presenter: — We don’t need to be a scoundrel’s wife. He took me away from everything and everyone, he scared people. He put me inside a dome in such a way that I could do whatever he wanted. I didn’t have Saturdays and Sundays, I didn’t see him sympathize when I was sick. I worked with a fever of 40 degrees.

Ana Hickmann case:

Ana reveals that her husband started to pursue her to have plastic surgery:

— He said: “Nobody will want you old. You’re fat. Nobody wants an old Ana Hickmann.” He controlled my schedule for anything. He determined the day at the gym, at the doctor, he pressured me to have plastic surgery. I said, “Enough, I’m not an object.”

She described her husband as “prejudiced”, “aggressor”, “coward” and “scoundrel”. She also said that “there will be a major investigation into fraud, embezzlement and misrepresentation.”

— I’m talking about the figure of an aggressor, a coward, a scoundrel who thinks he has power and dominion over others — said the presenter on the program “Sunday Spectacular”.

According to the presenter, she tried to leave the abusive relationship a few times, but was discouraged by people around her.

— People said I was unbalanced, that I was working too much and that he was just protecting me — he said.

According to the presenter, the discussion began after she decided to tell her son about her financial problems.

— We started arguing. He started complaining again, saying that I had no right to talk to our son like that, that I wasn’t going to move house and that I was crazy. And I said: “Stop lying. We need to prepare Alezinho because a lot of things are going to change.”

The confrontation began at the table during lunch on Saturday, and the boy even asked the couple to stop fighting, leaving towards the pool. That’s when Ana Hickmann asked an employee to take the child to another room.

— I asked: “Are you going to hit me?” I took out my cell phone and said I would call the police. He grabbed me so I couldn’t call. I screamed a lot: “Help, call the police, 190” — he remembers.

She then tried to lock herself in the kitchen. When he went to close the sliding door, Alexandre grabbed the handle on the other side. He trying to open and she trying to close. During the argument, to protect herself, Ana ordered the dogs to attack her ex-husband, which was answered by one of the dogs.

— He then saw that I wasn’t going to let go and so he closed the door with all his strength on my arm, on top of my elbow — he remembers. — At the time I didn’t feel any pain because of the adrenaline. Then it swelled a lot.

Hickmann says that the relationship ended when he started looking for the reason for the financial debts that began to appear in recent months. She learned about the problems about four months ago.

— I had no idea that this would be the beginning of many bad things. I can’t go into details yet because the courts will investigate fraud, embezzlement and misrepresentation. Something I can’t talk about for now. I have to wait to find out the size of it all — she says, stating that she doesn’t know the size of the debt.

According to the presenter, she found these signs on the Thursday before the attacks.

— There are documents, checks, many things that I couldn’t know if they were legal or illegal. Signatures that I’m sure aren’t mine — she remembers. — The first information I had was a bank debt. I decided to open the drawers and saw that it wasn’t just that. There is much more, and things that scare me.

The presenter also revealed that her mother suffered abuse from her husband, Ana’s father. That’s why, she claims, that her father never appeared at her side all these years and that he had promised his mother that he would never tell her what happened.

— I carried my mother to the hospital a few times — he remembers.

Ana Hickann says she herself was attacked by him when she was 12 years old. The following year, she remembers, she packed a backpack for each brother and decided to go with them to live at her grandparents’ house after an episode of aggression at home. She said she wouldn’t come back until her father left. Only at that moment, she claims, did her mother decide to put an end to the situation.

— The mark on my hand was made by my father. That day, he opened my mother’s head and only stopped beating when he saw that my hand was bleeding. That’s why I left home so early. I needed to help her take care of my brothers. That’s why I also swore that no man would touch me. But I allowed myself to be hurt and abused in other ways — she says.

This Sunday, Alexandre Correa gave an interview to Quem magazine stating that “the discussion became heated due to Ana Hickmann’s emotional outburst due to having drunk almost an entire bottle of wine.”

— When she says that Alexandre saw it, she lies. Just as she omits the fact that she is drunk. Ana lies and omits — he said.

In a statement to TV Record, the businessman’s defense stated that “he does not have a firearm and never attacked or threatened Ana Hickmann and that Alexandre’s innocence will be proven.”

On the 11th, she filed a police report for bodily injury and domestic violence. To Carolina Ferraz, she told details of the day of the incident and also of the divorce request, made according to the Maria da Penha law.

Ana Hickmann and Alexandre Correa had been married since the presenter was 16 years old. The two are parents of Alexandre, now 9 years old. She had moved from the interior of Rio Grande do Sul to try a life as a model in São Paulo. The wedding took place just eight months after starting their relationship, aiming for Ana’s emancipation.

Last Friday, Ana Hickmann requested an urgent protective measure against her husband, Alexandre Correa. On the day she went to the police station, she had not asked, even after the police officer insisted:

— I was a fool. I felt very ashamed. Now I understand why many women report it and backtrack. It’s not just because of fear of attackers. If I encourage just one, I’m already happy.

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