An old love story prevents Tara Emad from getting married in the series “The Return”

After repeatedly refusing to marry anyone who proposes to her, the secret of an old love story in Hayat is revealed Tara Emad She was united with Adam, whose disappearance from her life for years, caused a state of sadness and sadness that made her reject love in general and thus reject the idea of ​​marriage, as part of the events of the social drama series “The Return,” which is currently showing on DMC channels and the Watch It platform.

In light of the mysterious disappearance of Adam (Sherif Salama) from her life, Kian (Tara Emad), a veterinarian, faces a conflict with her family who want to marry her because she has passed the age of marriage due to customs and traditions, especially after many young men who rise to her cultural and financial level propose to marry her. But she hides the real secret behind her rejection, until Adam reappears in her life.

Returning to the events of the past, we know that Adam had disappeared on the day of his wedding to Hana, his cousin, and to save the situation, his brother Yahya was forced to marry Hana instead. Now Adam returns to Luxor to search for his brother Yehia after learning that he had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind his wife, Hana, and his son.

Adam’s return was met with condemnation from many in the village and welcome from some, raising many question marks about the reason for his disappearance in the first place, and what his return will result in. It also prompts the question of what will be the fate of Kian after Adam returns? This is what the events of the upcoming episodes will reveal.

Tara Emad in the series The Return

Tara Emad
Tara Emad

“The Return” series, starring Sherif Salama, Tara Emad, Hamza El-Aly, Walid Fawaz, Essam El-Sakka, Basant Shawky, Mohamed Ali Rizk, Walaa El-Sherif, Mohamed Radwan, Safaa El-Toukhy, Tamer Nabil, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Imad Safwat, Shahista Saad, and Ahmed. Wali, Sarah Nour, and the work is written by Amin Gamal, directed by Ahmed Hassan, and produced by Aroma Company, by producer Tamer Mortada, sponsored by United Media Services. Its events take place in an Upper Egypt context, and the work deals with one of the important issues of Upper Egypt related to gold prospecting.

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