An artery was blocked 100%. A heart attack afflicted journalist Imad El-Din Adeeb and he was taken to the hospital

Imad Al-Din Adeeb

Journalist Amr Adeeb said that his brother, Imad El-Din Adeeb, suffered a near-heart attack while participating in a conference in the UAE, and was taken to the hospital after his heartbeat stopped for a few moments.

He added in today’s episode, during his presentation of the story program, that Imad Adeeb was taken to the hospital and attention was paid to his health condition, explaining that the artery was 100 percent closed.

He added that Mohammed bin Rashid cared about the health condition of Imad Al-Din Adeeb, as well as Anwar Gargash, and visited his brother on an almost daily basis to check on him.

Amr Adeeb, presenter of the Al-Hekaya program, broadcast on MBC Misr, this Friday evening, said that my brother Imad El-Din Adeeb suffered a heart attack, and his artery closed 100% suddenly and unexpectedly, and my brother fell while speaking at a conference in the United Arab Emirates. United.

Media personality Amr Adeeb added that his brother was taken to the hospital in less than 7 minutes, and the necessary work was done, and a stent was placed that opened the artery that had been closed.

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