Allianz Milano in Cisterna to move the rankings


The spotlight is once again on the SuperLega Credem Banca championship after the intense event two days of the Del Monte® Supercoppawhich saw Perugia excel over Civitanova, the latter being awarded by president of Allianz Milano, Lucio Fusaro in his capacity as advisor to the Serie A Volleyball League.

Photo Fiorenzo Galbiati

In advance of Saturday 4 November National Unity Day, the date that marked the end of the First World War in 1918, Allianz Milan is away against Cisterna Volley. First meeting at 6.00pm against a team that after the first two days of the championship is paired with the Milanese with 1 point in the standings. The Pontini team made their debut against Trento, snatching an excellent tie-break from the Italian champions, but were then surprised in Sicily by Catania in the last match on Sunday evening, which they lost 3-1. The one of coach Guillermo Falasca it is a team that has changed a lot compared to last season and it is likely that the true values ​​of the team will be seen game after game.

Mechanisms to be oiled between old and new elements also for the formation of coach Roberto Piazza, who on the other side of the net are called upon to try to collect points against a team that in the last season (and not only in the last) has often represented a true bête noire. If it is true that Cisterna Volley at a corporate level is a newcomer in the top men’s championship, Allianz Milano played against the former Top Volley well 22 SuperLega matches, with 9 successes for Milan against 13 for Cisterna.

There is no shortage of former players in the match, always broadening the spectrum to Top Volley Latina and Cisterna: Yuki Ishikawa he was among the protagonists of the Lazio team in the two-year period 2016/2018, while libero Damiano Catania it is the opposite Petar Dirlic they wore the Cisterna shirt in their last season. Among the opponents the only ex is the libero Alessandro Piccinelliborn in Milan, grew up in Volley Segrate and starred in the Powervolley jersey of the 2017/2018 season.


“Another match awaits us to experience as a passage, an important step to get to know each other better and grow together. I am aware of what we can do as a team, but we have to get there step by step. On the other hand we find a lineup full of young talents and highly experienced players. We will be on a field that has often seen us at a deficit even in the recent past. The only thing I asked the players is to approach the game with a knife between their teeth, so to speak. In the knowledge that we are all growing together.”


The match at the sports hall in via delle Province in Cisterna di Latina will be visible from 6pm live on Rai Sport and on the website


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