All Saints Day: see messages to celebrate the date

Statue of the Virgin Mary (Photo: Pixabay)

O Hallowmas is celebrated by Catholics around the world on the day November 1stthe eve of Dead.

According to Vatican News, the Holy See’s information portal, the date originated in the 4th century, with the commemoration of faithful martyrs.

“The first signs of the celebration we found in Antioch, on the Sunday after Pentecost. Between the 8th and 9th centuries, the festival began to spread across Europe and, in Rome, Pope Gregory III (731-741) chose November 1st as the date that coincided with the consecration of a chapel in the Basilica of Saint Peter, dedicated to the relics “of the holy Apostles and of all the holy martyrs and confessors, and to all the righteous, who rest in peace in the world”.

Messages for All Saints’ Day

– On All Saints Day, we celebrate those who have passed away and remember their lives.

– On All Saints’ Day, stories become legends.

– Today, I honor those who have passed away and are so missed, but also the Saints who protect me every day.

– For the protection I receive, I thank all the Saints.

– May this first day of November remain in your memory and heart for the best reasons. Hallowmas.

– I hope this date is the most blessed of the year. Happy All Saints Day!

– It doesn’t matter who they are or their origin, simply honor all the saints, today and always.

*Messages taken from the Mundo das Mensagens website


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