All hints and directions for Wie Is de Mol participant Anna Gimbrère

Would this science journalist and presenter dare to play with the truth?

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Who is Anna Gimbrère from Wie Is de Mol? 2024?

If anyone from the participants Who is the mole? 2024 is quite versatile, it is Anna Gimbrère well. She studied physics and astronomy from 2006 to 2010 and from 2011 to 2014 she even pursued a master’s degree in theoretical physics. Nowadays, she mainly uses the knowledge she gained there in her work as a science journalist and presenter.

You can know her from, among other things PointerThe Big Climate Quiz, The Monitor, Restaurant of the Future and soon from Brainhacka program in which she and Ersin Kiris delve into the world of flashy advertisements and manipulative marketing tricks.

Hints and directions towards Anna Gimbrère

To prepare for her participation in Who is the mole? However, it did not happen overnight either. “I thought a lot in advance about what I would consider a logical type to play the Mole and looked at Mollen from the earlier series,” she tells this website. “I have also tried to make the statistics work for me. I would like to remain in control, as far as that is possible in this game.”

This sounds a lot like something a candidate would say, but you know the saying: nothing is what it seems…

Episode 1

During the first episode on January 6, the candidates were welcomed to the Mexican festival ‘Dia del Topo’, which means ‘Day of the Mole’. And whose birthday is on this day? That’s right, Anna!

This season kicked off with a real fortune-teller, a search for topitos and the presence of the Mole somewhere at the Mexican party. Now, after all these years, we know that the makers do not portray the Mole too clearly, but still, the figure below caught our eye. This person, like the candidates, looked very clearly at all the signs hanging around the necks of the partygoers. And let’s be honest: it could very well be Anna.

A fanatical Molloot has placed the photo below next to a still of Anna and the similarities are striking.


Who is the mole? 2024 – Episode 1

What also stood out in the first episode was Anna’s behavior. While Tooske actually had no idea what exactly to look for, it seemed as if Anna had prior knowledge. She could hardly wait for the fortune tellers to finish talking and once at the party she knew exactly what to look for. And yet she was unable to obtain a topito.

Anna Gimbrere in Who Is the Mole?  2024


Anna Gimbrere in Who Is the Mole? 2024

Who is the mole? can be seen every Saturday from 8:30 PM at AVROTROS op NPO 1.

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