all for Tathiana Garbin, who is having surgery today

The Italian talent dedicates the victory to the captain of the women’s Italtennis team, affected by a rare tumor that she wanted to make known. The second surgery for her on Monday

He doesn’t like losing at all. Anyone who had doubts about this understood it especially when Nole Djokovicnumber 1 in the ATP ranking, the semi-final seemed to turn in his favor and only that indomitable talent – also at a remarkably mature level of mentality, with another step – of Jannik Sinner he was able to reverse the trend of a match that could have been considered defined.

He folded Djoko for the second time in 15 days, leaving him bitter at not being able to repeat himself and forcing him to watch the most famous salad bowl in sport raised by the prodigious talent of Sinner, who took it Davis and also the public’s sympathy for his unique way of doing things. A unique way of understanding tennis that he also demonstrated outside for the Italian captain Tathiana Garbin, which faces a second, important intervention.

Davis Cup, the press conference: Sinner’s words

The emotion is still vivid, intense when Jannik and companions led by captain Flyers they find themselves in the middle of a press conference where everyone, absolutely everyone present, like the viewers, is waiting for ritual words that close a circle opened 47 years ago by the red shirt team with a splendid Adriano Panatta and captain Pietrangeliseen again on the Malaga pitch.

Instead Sinner he was able to surpass himself and open up to something else, pronounce simple but heartfelt humanity words towards a central figure in women’s tennis like Tathiana Garbin.

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Jannik Sinner tired but happy at the end of the match: the Davis Cup belongs to Italy

She dedicates it to Tathiana Garbin

Monday is a very important day for her, though l’Italtennis and also for the people who have always been close to her but who experience private personal feelings towards whom Sinner demonstrates consideration and respect, appealing to the values ​​that Garbin has always embodied in his sporting career. Today Tathiana she will be operated on for a tumor recurrence, a decisive operation in her journey:

“Tomorrow is an important day for Tathiana. We hope that this victory can give her strength, we will all be with her. Here we talk about winning the Davis Cup, about making history. We are all happy. But what matters in life is something else entirely so we must feel very lucky to be here. We are all with her.”

Source: ANSA

Tathiana Garbin during the Billie Jean King Cup

Volandri’s emotion

Captain too Flyers wanted to spend a sentence of support and closeness towards an immense figure for women’s blue tennis, capable of dragging the girls to the final:

“Jannik is used to anticipating. I feel like I too have to say a few words about Tati, because we share the joys and sorrows of this wonderful role. We have always written to each other, I have never seen so much tennis at home as during the Billie Jean King Cup. My big good luck goes to Tati.”

Garbin’s disease

Garbin she is fighting against a tumor for which she already underwent surgery for the first time in October and in a few hours she will undergo another operation. The 46 year old Garbin he announced at the end of the final Billie Jean King Cup lost to Canada that she had “a rare tumor”, for which she had already been operated on last month and which would require a second operation within a few days.

“The specialists told me that it happens to one person in a million. It develops from the appendix, then in my case it extended. I had surgery straight away, there was no time to waste. Just on Sunday (November 12th then), while we were playing the final, it was one month since the surgery. I am a lucky woman, I have people who love me next to me, I know that I am not alone.”

A nuanced, heartfelt, tangible closeness: choose the adjective for these expressions that come from a 22 year old boy who, in the midst of his competitive and celebratory moment, turned the media’s attention towards Tathiana and what is avoided and feared is too often omitted from the narration of facts: illness.

A chapter that is present and that runs through this Davis Cup, but why Sinner he incorporated it without any rhetoric but out of affection and esteem towards a great champion who is now called to face a second operation in the certainty of enjoying this immense affection that Jannik expressed there, from Malaga.


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