Alkmaar police arrest dozens of Aston Villa fans for a match against AZ

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In the run-up to the AZ-Aston Villa match, the police arrested 52 Aston Villa supporters at Alkmaar station yesterday. One of them was arrested for prohibited possession of weapons, the other arrested for insult, incitement and disrupting public order.

Around 5:15 p.m., police confiscated a knife carried by a supporter. That person was arrested. Not much later, a second arrest was made for insult and incitement. The police used pepper spray.

A group of fifty Aston Villa supporters were then checked for match tickets on the platform. Someone appeared to be carrying a knife. When the police wanted to check this, the group quickly fled into a stationary train.


With the support of the riot police, the supporters were taken off the train one by one and arrested for disturbing public order. A number of people resisted, the police reported. The riot police therefore used violence and deployed pepper spray.

Police found narcotics and balaclavas on the train. No knife was found. None of those involved had match tickets in their pockets.

One person is still in custody for insult and incitement. The remaining 51 were sent back to England with a fine.

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