Alice Campello, Morata’s mother and the strange ritual: “With your bottom to the moon…”

The sixth guest of Amateur Mom 2 it was Alice Campellowife of Alvaro Morata. The entrepreneur, who now lives in Madrid with his family, but who does not forget his own origins and compatibly with work commitments he often returns to Italy. A few days ago she was a Turin and took the opportunity to go at lunch with Lady Locatelliwith which thefriendship continues even from a distance. TO Beloved Leotta, Alice told the story in detail pregnancy Of Bellathe latest arrival in the Morata-Campello house. “Bella’s pregnancy was very troubled. In the third month I woke up one morning with the bed full of blood and I was afraid of losing the baby I always wanted. That was a truly horrible moment” – declared the young mother who then continued tale: “The birth was also very delicate. Even today I am not completely okay. Only thanks to the blood donors I can now tell my story. After giving birth, when I returned to my hospital bed, I started to feel terrible But since Alvaro depends a lot on my moods, I didn’t want to let him see my suffering. But when the doctors moved the blanket they realized that I was in a pool of blood and took me away. Alvaro for 12 hours he didn’t know anything about what was happening to me. This episode united us, if possible, even more.”