Alessandro Meluzzi suffered from cerebral ischemia in his office in Rimini

Alessandro Meluzzi, 68 years old, psychiatrist, criminologist and television personality, was struck by a sudden illness in his office in Rimini. When 118 was alerted, he was transported to the Infermi and subsequently to the “Bufalini” for a surgery lasting several hours due to a cerebral hemorrhage caused by high blood pressure. After ischemia, doctors now wait for the critical 48-hour period to evaluate the success of the surgery.

Meluzzi, born in Naples to a mother from Rimini, also known for his political and religious career and recently for his anti-vax positions, has had a long parliamentary experience in various parties – from the PCI to the PSI, from Forza Italia to Udeur – before dedicating himself to ecclesiastical life, becoming primate of the Autocephalous Italian Orthodox Church – Ancient Oriental in 2015 with the ecclesiastical-patriarchal name of Alexander I.

“I am saddened and worried by the news of the ischemia that struck my dear friend Prof. Meluzzi. I anxiously await news on your post-operative progress, praying that you will overcome this difficult moment as best as possible. Come on Alessandro!”. Francesca Donato, member of the European Parliament and president of the National Council of Christian Democracy, with a post on X of hers expresses all her concern for Alessandro Meluzzi’s conditions. On the professor’s Facebook page, a very short message was published this morning: “Let us pray together”.

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