Alejandro Fantino and Tronco’s defense after the scandalous fight on air: “People were very identified”

The release of Alejandro Fantino and Tronco after the scandalous fight on air (Video: Neura)

On Wednesday afternoon there was a very tense atmosphere during the live broadcast of Jockey Universe in Neura, the canal streaming of Alejandro Fantino. In the middle of the cycle, Sergio Figliuolowho is nicknamed Stemgot angry and got up from his seat, completely leaving surprised the driver.

Given the enormous repercussion that what happened generated, and after the driver broke the silence with Teleshow, this Thursday the program returned to the air and at the table they reflected on it. “Focus on what that shirt is,” Fantino asked and the camera went to a close-up of Tronco, who was standing and his face could not be seen, showing on his torso a white garment on which three Crónica plates were printed that They reflected the scandal: “Scandal on Fantino’s program. Furious panelist. He left the studio stirring everything”.

“Look what this shirt is,” Fantino said as he read each of the plates. “Look what it is, look what it means. Analyze, enjoy that shirt. ‘Furious panelist’, this connects with The Wrath of Achillescon Orlando Furioso, another of the great works of medieval literature. It is wonderful. Calm down because I know you’re going to want this shirt. See it, without the panelist showing his face… This is the last time we are going to use the word ‘panelist,’” the host continued, amused by the situation.

“How did it go? She was everywhere, huh,” Alejandro asked Tronco. “I’m going to say the only important thing and I’m going to make you listen to an audio that is not strange at all,” he responded and played a voice message that his nephew sent him: “Hello uncle, good day. First of all, thank you for defending us yesterday on the program. Second, I kept answering, I kept breaking it… I don’t tell anyone that you’re my uncle, just in case. But I don’t say it because there are bad people and they can hurt us,” the child’s voice is heard.

Tronco's t-shirt with the Crónica plates that reflected his scandalous on-air fight with Alejandro Fantino (Neura)
Tronco’s t-shirt with the Crónica plates that reflected his scandalous on-air fight with Alejandro Fantino (Neura)

“How wonderful it all was, because people re-identified with this. It is a category of sociological analysis,” Fantino defined. There, Tronco reported that after what happened he had an exchange with the journalist Sergio Chouza. “Each one is good and is a defender when it suits him. Chouza shared the video and said: ‘The least unstable and violent Milei militant’… First of all, I am not a militant of anything, I never was. And violent, because I grab and leave and they use it for whatever. I answer him with great dignity, that I have four jobs, that I am about to merge into one, that my parents are retired and are screwed, that the rest of my family is living day to day, that he does not live in La Matanza …And the guy minimizes all that and tells you: ‘No, you have a problem with that.’ “That’s how they are, that’s how they are,” he commented.

From this, Fantino took the opportunity to reveal something that happened after the scandal emerged. “After the program, we were eating with Tronco and others and I received a message from Juan Grabois. ‘Hello Ale, does your friend Tronco need a job in a cooperative? He sees that we can give him a hand,” Grabois tells me. He offered Tronco a job. He also told me: ‘Help him, if he needs a hand, we also have therapeutic communities. And don’t fight, idiots, up, come on, you are good people and friends, give it attitude,’” the driver read with a laugh.

Tronco told what his reaction was to the offer: “The work is appreciated.” And he closed the moment with a joke: “Nothing bothers me, the more they screw me, the more fun I have. I laugh at everything and speak very little seriously. Now, do they have to call me ‘panelist’, man? It bothers me, it bothers me. Don’t call me a panelist, idiot”.

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