Alcione is honored at the Mangueira parade; check plot

Mangueira will parade in 2024 to honor one of its icons: the singer Alcione, who has been part of the school for 50 years. With the plot The black voice of tomorrowthe parade will bring references to the singer, her spirituality and her homeland, Maranhão.

Within the school community, Alcione had experiences with samba and also with social projects. The singer is one of the founders and also honorary president of the Mangueira do Ajante children’s samba school, which encourages children and young people to get involved in carnival. “As a person, I found myself in Mangueira. Here I wanted to have fun, play, dedicate myself”, said Alcione in an interview with Globo TV.

Upon discovering that it would be Mangueira’s plot in 2024, the singer was surprised. “I said ‘What, my God?’. In my head, what am I going to do as a plot, if I never imagined myself? But I couldn’t say no anymore, and I am, with great honor, my school’s plot .”

The lyrics for the parade’s samba were chosen in October last year. Written by composers Lequinho, Júnior Fionda, Gabriel Machado, Fadico, Guilherme Sá and Paulinho Bandolim, the song talks about jazz, love, values ​​and hope. “The samba is very good, and people will sing on the avenue!”, highlights Alcione.

Mangueira will perform at Sapucaí on Monday (13/2), at 1am. The parade will be broadcast live on Globo.

Check out the lyrics to Mangueira’s samba-plot for Carnival 2024 below:

Xangô calls Iansã
That the voice of tomorrow has already shouted in Maranhão
Mina drum, delighted to spin
The divine at the altar, the daughter of all faith
Under the blessings of Mary, baptized Nazareth
As fate would have it, time was the master
Breathe life at the feet of the old cashew tree
Keep the longing for my mother in your chest
From the reisado to the litany, São Luis is your terreiro

It’s bumba my boy! It’s a tradition!
You have to respect Maracanã, which makes the ground shake
Plays the Creole drum, plays the batuquejê
Oh little one made to win
Come shine in Rio Antigo, show your true power
Fine flower that cannot be smelled does not accept contempt

It will prove that samba is the cousin of jazz
Talk about love like no one else does
In uncertain times, cure unpleasantness
Like a wolf imposing its values
And be the pillar of hope
Of the roses that grow on our hill
Sambando, playing and singing
Past, future and present meet

Hose! From Neuma and Zica
From Hélio’s verses that honored my name
I take art as a gift
A brown Brazil that I inherited from Alcione
She is Odara, goddess of song
Black voice, pride of the nation

My palace has a queen and not just any one
“Stay away man, woman is coming”
Green and pink dynasty to honor my ancestors
Here samba will never die

  • Alcione is honored by Mangueira in the 2024 parade

    Alcione is honored by Mangueira in the 2024 parade
    Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@mangueira_oficial

  •   2023. Have More Fun.  Singer Alcione.

    Samba parade’s plot talks about jazz, love, values ​​and hope.
    Photo: Vinícius Mochizuki./Disclosure

  • Alcione is honored by Mangueira in the 2024 parade

    Alcione is honored by Mangueira in the 2024 parade
    Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@mangueira_oficial

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