Al-Masry deducts one million pounds from Marwan Hamdy’s dues and refers him to investigation

The Board of Directors decided Egyptian Club Under the leadership of Kamel Abu Ali, one million pounds were deducted from the dues of Marwan Hamdy, the player of the club’s first football team, and he was suspended until he was investigated for what happened to him during today’s match against the Pyramids team.

Al-Masry’s decision comes due to the player’s misbehavior with the fans of the Port Said club following the end of the Al-Masry and Pyramids match, which was held in the fifth round of the Nile League competition, and ended with Al-Masry’s defeat by three goals to two.

Marwan Hamdy spat in response to Al-Masry fans during the match, and the Al-Masry club’s balance stopped at 9 points after the defeat by Pyramids. Al-Masry played 5 matches, winning 3 matches and losing 2 matches, and Al-Masry players scored 7 goals and conceded 8 other goals.

Pyramids succeeded in continuing its victories, achieving victory over Al-Masry 3/2 in the match that took place between them at Burj Al-Arab Stadium in the activities of the fifth round of the Nile League.

The goals of the match were scored by Congolese Mabley, the Pyramids striker, in the 47th minute of the first half, when he rose with his head to attack his Tunisian teammate, Mohamed El-Shaibi, and deposited it with a powerful header past Essam Tharwat, the Al-Masry goalkeeper.

Mostafa Fathy added the second goal for Pyramids in the second minute of the second half, then Mohamed El-Shami scored the first goal for Al-Masry in the 82nd minute, before Mapley returned and scored the third goal for the Celestial team in the 85th minute, and two minutes later Algerian Kaisson Qenawy scored the second goal for the Port Said boys.

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