“Al-Daheh”… the beginning of a story of a painful reality narrated in a professional manner from inside a room

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Ahmed Gouda – Cairo – At a time when social media was not the most powerful weapon at the time, there was a young man who had confidence in himself and his abilities. He was able, from within a room and with simple means, to create distinctive content that would conquer the world of social media.

In 2014, “Al-Daheh” showed us video clips that he published about science in a sarcastic, comedic way. In 2017, he was contracted with a production company and presented the program for four different seasons, and Al-Daheh began presenting stories of painful reality from inside his room in a sarcastic way.

This made him speak for many young people of his generation, and his program became one of the most important youth programs on the scene, in one way or another.

Al-Daheh tops the trend more than once:

Every success has a tax, including fame and topping the trend. This tax also applied to Al-Daheh, as the first time he topped the trend was the day he announced his marriage.

Which was a surprise to many of his fans who wished him happiness, but then he disappeared and returned again to the top of the trend after his episode yesterday about Palestine, which was called “The Story of the Land of Palestine.”


Reactions to the Story of an Earth episode:

Since Al-Daheh announced the hour-long episode, a large number of the audience has been enthusiastic about it, and it has reached more than ten million views in record time.

The reactions to the episode were varied and were as follows:

_ I can’t deny that I had doubts about the episode, but frankly, I was surprised!

This is one of the greatest episodes that a person can attend to understand how Palestine was occupied.

The idea that I, as a Palestinian, was ignorant of many things that were said here bothered me, but understanding and confronting history and reality made me suffer many things.


Great episode, bravo Ahmed Al-Ghandour

_ This episode should be taught compulsory in schools instead of boring and ridiculous teaching methods, honestly

An hour of Al-Daheh telling very interesting and beautiful stories and information to anyone who can listen.

_ One of the greatest episodes of Al-Daheh Ahmed Al-Ghandour, in which he narrates the story of Palestine from the beginning and how and where Zionism originated. Based on Israeli sources that destroy the lie of the people who sold their land.

_ The first time I watched a video for a full hour without masking or pausing it, and I finally understood the story correctly.

_ Ahmed Al-Ghandour, you created a wonderful episode for history that demolishes all Western and Zionist media

Teach your children that the Arabs, all the Arabs, betrayed Palestine. Teach them and raise them that Palestine is their first, last, and only cause. They must all emerge like Saladin, otherwise they will not go back to the shame that will befall them, as happened to their fathers and grandfathers.

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