Ajax Women want more after ‘unforgettable Champions League evening’

More than thirteen thousand supporters witnessed Ajax Women reach halftime with a 2-0 lead. Tiny Hoekstra and Sherida Spitse were the happy scorers before the break. And there wasn’t much to argue about. The players played well and played with confidence. So you see what that can do to a team.

Was it underestimating the visitors from France? Before the match in Amsterdam, they were already busy with the match against Bayern Munich, so you could say that. That does not alter the fact that PSG did not manage to crack Ajax Women after the break. The team stayed on its feet, partly thanks to the strong defensive Kay-lee de Sanders. The Ajax player through and through played a hell of a match.


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Goal scorer Hoekstra was crazy after the final whistle NOS. “How great is it to beat PSG in the Arena? We dreamed it and made it happen. It was great. May I score… It is the first goal for Ajax in the group stage of the Champions League. This will go down in history!”

The second goal was scored by captain Spitse. It was a hit from the spot. “It had been a while since I took a penalty in such an atmosphere. This was a very special match. I played many great matches with the Dutch national team, but I have never been in the Champions League with my club. That is very special. This is really what you do it for. I enjoy this challenge.”

Spitse is happy, but wants more. No one expected this, but the midfielder does not want this to turn out to be just an outlier. “We all have to guard against that. We must not be satisfied with one victory now. Anything can still happen.”

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