Ahmed Farhat to “The Seventh Day” after suffering a stroke: I feel better

Artist revealed Ahmed Farhat The hero of the movie “The Secret of the Invisibility Cap”, developments in his health condition after his exposure to… Brain strokesaying that he is improving, and is currently receiving treatment at his home.

Farhat had indicated in a previous statement to Youm7 that the stroke resulted from extreme fatigue that struck him suddenly, and after conducting medical tests he discovered that he had it, explaining that it significantly affected his speech.

Ahmed Farhat

The artist said Ahmed FarhatDuring a previous interview, he said that he achieved great success in his artistic career during his childhood, continuing: I worked in art without knocking on anyone’s door in order to act, adding that his strong start was through Movie: The Secret of the Invisibility CapFollowing: The genius director Niazi Mostafa directed “Deceptions” beautifully, so he achieved great success in the film..

The artist continued Ahmed Farhat: I participated in the movie Secret of the Invisibility Cap when I was 10 years old, and the producers were kidnapping me from each other, and I participated in the movie Love Street when I was 9 and a half years old.

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