After her husband’s dismissal, Beca Milano announces her departure from SBT – Backstage

On social media, the chef expressed gratitude to the broadcaster, praised the channel and highlighted its importance in her career.

Beca Milano.  Photo: Disclosure/SBT

Beca Milangraduated in “Pharmacy and Biochemistry”, debuted in SBT in March 2017 as a specialist on the “Wedding Factory” program. From the 3rd season onwards, she was a member of the jury of the reality show ‘Bake Off Brasil’, participating in the last 7 editions, marking her presence with a unique style of evaluation with structured criticism.

The professional announced on her Instagram her departure from SBT after seven years. She expressed gratitude to the broadcaster, praised the channel and highlighted its importance in her trajectory. Beca’s departure coincided with the dismissal of her husband, Fernando Pelégio, former director of Artistic Planning.

Read the official statement:

“On 03/04/2017 I went on air for the first time in this magical house that welcomed me. And during all these years, every time I arrived at Anhanguera and saw the SBT symbol, I thanked God for being there. And today, with the same emotion and the same feeling of gratitude, I say goodbye to this house where I was very blessed and experienced unforgettable moments.

It was a seven-year journey full of experiences that shaped not only my career, but also my essence. When designing grandiose cakes, full of surprises, I witnessed the joy in the eyes of countless couples. We managed to transmit a message of love that reached not only thousands of Brazilian homes, but echoed around the world. By being a judge on “Bake Off Brasil: Mão na Massa” and revealing all the secrets of the recipes on “Bake Off Brasil: A Cereja do Bolo”, I not only tasted incredible flavors, but also tasted the friendship and collaboration of an extraordinary team . I saw the lives of hundreds of confectioners transformed and the power of achievement when we believe in our dreams.

Each challenge was an opportunity for growth, and each victory, a collective celebration.

Over this period, we have not only built an exceptional team, but we have also formed a true family. The good people I met here were not just work colleagues, they were life companions, inexhaustible sources of learning and inspiration. The respect and gratitude I carry for this home that welcomed me are immeasurable.

I express my deep GRATITUDE to everyone who has been by my side on this journey. Each of you is a special chapter in the story we build together. I am grateful for every laugh, for every challenge overcome and for every achievement shared. I love you more than words can express.

Throughout my life I have always put my whole heart into every project I have been involved in. And it is this same dedication and passion that I carry with me into the future.

I’m ready for what’s to come: whole and with my heart!”

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