After being beaten by her brother…this is how Nadine Al-Rassi commented on the matter

The case of star Nadine Al-Rassi being beaten by her younger brother Sebastian while they were in the hospital where their mother was receiving treatment continues to preoccupy the public, who are keen to check on her health and demand that she be strong and reject her brother’s actions.

After her photos spread on social media and scratches and wounds clearly appeared on her body, Nadine was discharged from the hospital after her wounds were bandaged, but she did not reveal exactly what happened to her. Rather, she contented herself with sharing with her followers via the Stories feature a post in which she wrote: “God is justice and I am satisfied with your judgment, O God. To every lover, thank you for your prayers, and I am well from God and from you. And whoever among you is without sin, let him cast the first stone.”

Then she said in another post: “Know less, live more happily. May your will be done.”

Local media reported that “Nadine went with her father and sister to the hospital to check on the health of her mother, who was paralyzed from the outside two days ago, and then a dispute broke out between her and her younger brother, which ended with him hitting her.”

The Lebanese website Al Jaras published pictures of Nadine Al Rassi that showed the injuries she sustained in her head and shoulder, indicating that she entered a state of collapse and kept screaming at her brother: “Are you extending your hand to me?”, while a security force arrived to investigate the incident.

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