ADO Den Haag records a big 6-0 win against Jong FC Utrecht

After ADO Den Haag lost a point in the away match against Dordrecht, the next match was scheduled three days later. Jong FC Utrecht was the opponent in the Bingoal Stadium on Monday evening, November 27. A very effective first half from Van der Sande, with three goals and one assist, ensured that ADO Den Haag had actually closed the game before the half-time signal. However, it did not stop the team from The Hague from scoring after the break. The match ended in a nice 6-0 victory.

In a cold and rainy Bingoal Stadium it took more than ten minutes before the visitors could really warm up from the football. Ideho had a few nice moves, allowing Veerman to open the score, after the quick winger put the ball on his head ready-made. Unfortunately, the striker was unable to direct the header properly, meaning his effort ended up wide of the goal. Just a few minutes later, ADO Den Haag again showed a nice attack and this time with success. Van der Sande looked for the combination with Veerman and then scored flawlessly: 1-0.

With the lead in hand, goalkeeper Nikiema had to really take action for the first time, after the back pass to him was too soft. He did this properly, allowing the home team to maintain the lead. ADO Den Haag had the upper hand in the first half hour of the match. Sloppy loss of ball on the side of The Hague allowed El Arguioui to fire a targeted shot, which meant that Nikiema had to push himself to the limit by saving the ball in the bottom left corner. Van Mieghem had the best chance of making it 2-0 on the other side of the field, after Ideho had again delivered a tailor-made cross. The hard shot was fortunately saved by the Utrecht goalkeeper.


It became clear again that Van der Sande was on track just before half time. After a good, high cross from Vigen, the shadow striker headed in diagonally. The same Van der Sande ensured that Ideho could perform the same trick less than a minute later. He also left Raatsie without a chance with his header. And so in less than two minutes it suddenly became 3-0. ADO Den Haag thought it would enter the dressing rooms with a very comfortable lead, but it could have been even crazier. From the turn, Van der Sande made his hat trick when he saw his shot pass Raatsie again. As a result, ADO Den Haag rested with a very large and excellent 4-0 lead.


ADO Den Haag didn’t have to anymore and that was reflected in the initial phase of the second half; Jong FC Utrecht was allowed to take the lead and thus pushed ADO Den Haag back a little more into its own half. The visitors did not actually create any big opportunities. Andersen came closest, after he fired at the goal from close range. Ultimately, several ADO Den Haag players were able to prevent him from scoring a goal.

As the second half progressed, the home team took matters into their own hands again and that almost immediately resulted in another goal. With good preparatory work, with another nice move by Ideho, it was ultimately Van Mieghem who pulled the trigger and shot home with great speed: 5-0. Substitute Sellouki also just scored. The emerging Absalem managed to find Sellouki’s head, allowing him to head in successfully: 6-0. ADO Den Haag regained full control and left Jong FC Utrecht without a chance in the remaining second half. Ultimately, the match ended in a 6-0 victory for Darije Kalezic’s team.



ADO The Hague – Jong FC Utrecht 6-0 (4-0)

Score progression: 14. Van der Sande 1-0, 37. Van der Sande 2-0, 38. Ideho 3-0, 41. Van der Sande 4-0, 75. Van Mieghem 5-0, 76. Sellouki 6-0

Line-up ADO The Hague: Nikiema (K), Koudossou, Granli (62. Asante), Van Hintum, Absalem, Surmeli © (84. Gustina), Vigen (62. Sellouki), Van der Sande, Van Mieghem, Veerman (77. Komljenovic), Ideho ( 77. Hamdaoui)

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