Adige-Garda Tunnel, ok to the exemption for early opening

On the possible new opening of the Adige-Garda tunnel tomorrow – in light of the “orange” weather alert launched by the Civil Protection – the territories concerned have reached an agreement on a derogation from the threshold values. This is the outcome of the meeting which brought together the entities involved in the agreement for the use of the 10 kilometer long structure: the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Veneto and Lombardy Regions and the Interregional Agency for the Po River. “In the face of this second wave of bad weather which is affecting the North-East, an early opening of the tunnel was agreed with respect to the 5 meter height of the Adige at the San Lorenzo bridge in Trento foreseen by the document signed in 2002″ explains the vice-president of the Province Mario Tonina, who participated in the meeting, supported by the general director of the Civil Protection, Forestry and Wildlife Department Raffaele De Col. “The objective – added Tonina – is to guarantee the safety of the inhabitants and in particular of the city of Verona, also due of the presence of scaffolding on the New Bridge of the Verona capital, which was damaged on the evening of 31 October. What happened must not be repeated and Trentino confirms the availability it has always shown in the event of emergency situations.”

The meeting in the Operations Room for the flood service with the vice-president Mario Tonina [
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According to what has been established by the authorities involved in the agreement, once the quota limit is reached, no further authorization steps will be needed: a streamlining of the procedures which will speed up the procedures, guaranteeing the safety of the territories. The threshold values ​​are now being redefined.
The Civil Protection Department obtained the volumes accumulated in Lake Garda in the period between 30 October and 1 November: the hydrometric height of the lake went from 102.5 centimeters to 118.8 centimeters, for a total value of 60, 3 million cubic meters of water, of which 22.3 million cubic meters coming from Sarca. The volume coming from the Adige-Garda overflow represents 5.2% of the total, equal to 3.11 million cubic metres. In the event of a new opening of the tunnel tomorrow, very similar volumes are assumed.
Meanwhile, following the evolution of meteorological and hydraulic phenomena in the provincial territory, the operations room for the flood service was opened at 2pm today. The District Fire Brigade Unions have been asked to alert the various bodies responsible for monitoring the watercourses for the purposes of probable involvement in the event of a worsening of the hydraulic situation. For the same reason, the forestry districts are alerting the water representatives of the various areas. Currently the hydrometric height of the Adige in Trento – San Lorenzo bridge – is 2.30 meters (which corresponds to a flow rate of 570 cubic meters per second).

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