Actor Macaulay Culkin receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Macaulay Culkin, child star par excellence in the 90s, walked away from the movies after the separation of his parents and the tough legal battle for his custody, and fortune, and that of his brothers. In his youth he had problems with drugs, however, the performer recovered and managed to recover his career.


The actor Macaulay Culkinprotagonist of the Christmas movie ‘Home Alone’ (1990), in Spain ‘Home alone’ and in Latin America ‘My poor angel’, received a star this Friday in the Hollywood walk of fame.

The actress was present at the meeting Catherine O’Harawhich gave life to his mother in the popular nineties moviewhich catapulted him to fame for his role as Kevin McCallister. The actress highlighted Culkin’s acting talent and attributed the success of the film directed by Chris Colombus, which grossed 285 million dollars on an international level.

“‘Home Alone’ is and always will be a beloved global sensation…The reason families around the worldthe world can’t leave go a year without seeing her and love her is by Macaulay Culkin“said O’Hara, who brought his partner to tears of cast. “Macaulay, congratulations. You deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Thank you for including me, your fake mom who left you alone not just once, but this very happy moment,” the ‘A Mighty Win’ singer delved into.

The actress Natasha Lyonne He also offered a few words to honor his friend where, in addition to thanking him for support she gave to her career as a director, highlighted his human quality. “True beauty is seeing the adult you have become, the father you are and your beautiful children and now the loving husband and father you are,” Lyonne noted.

For his part, a very emotional Culkin thanked his longtime representatives, to his wife, Brenda Song, and ended his speech with his iconic line from ‘Home Alone.’ “Finally, in the spirit of the holidays. I just want to say: Merry Christmas, disgusting animals“he said before posing with his new star.

Culkin He became a Hollywood child star after his role as Kevin McCallister in both ‘Home Alone’ films. She later starred in films such as ‘My Girl’ (1991) and ‘The Good Son’ (1993).

The separation from his parents and the legal battle over custody of his children and Culkin’s fortune they removed the actor from the industry and his career was on the decline, with a youth marked by his problems with drug abuse, excesses and conflicts with the police. Culkin’s latest projects have been television shows including ‘Changeland’ (2019), ‘American Horror Story’ (2021) o ‘Entergalactic’ (2022).

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