A50 closed before Grijsoord junction due to accident

The accident happened around 10:20 am and involved several trucks. The police, fire brigade and ambulance are present to handle the incident and the heavy recovery vehicle has been called.

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Updated 10:45 am

Traffic on the A50 is now ending at Renkum and the access ramp has been closed.

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Traffic is droppingimpenetrable tourism

Updated 11:00 am

The trapped traffic is being diverted and the trucks involved were transporting pigs and eggs.

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Turn trapped traffic

Updated 11:40 am

The road has now been closed from the Valburg junction and traffic is driving onto the A15 there. Furthermore, the police will investigate the circumstances of the accident during a so-called traffic accident analysis.

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Updated 1:00 PM

The emergency services are still busy diverting the trapped traffic and the recovery work will soon start.

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Traffic diverted

Updated 1:40 PM

A new truck tractor has arrived at the accident site to take away the cattle truck with pigs. The cattle truck is disconnected and taken away. The process is expected to last until around 4:00 PM. Until then, we will divert traffic.

Updated 2:15 PM

The ZOAB cleaner is currently on site to remove hatched eggs from the left lane.

Updated 3:25 PM

The vehicles involved have all now been recovered. We are currently busy cleaning the road surface.

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We are currently busy cleaning the road surface

Updated 4:23 PM

The road has now been cleaned and the barriers have been removed. This means that the A50 has been released again. This is the latest update.

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