A surprise regarding the health condition of journalist Suhair Gouda.. When will she return to the screen? – Mix

A health crisis recently affected the famous journalist Suhair Gouda, which aroused the sympathy of a number of followers, after she suffered from stomach and colon problems, which forced her to be absent from her appearance again through her program broadcast on one of the satellite channels, which was co-presented by the journalist Mufida Shiha, who revealed A surprise regarding her return and the latest developments in the health condition of journalist Suhair Gouda, so what did she say?

Media personality Mufida Shiha made a surprise about the health condition of her friend Suhair Jouda, as the public wanted to know when she would return and appear again on screen. She said in her interview with Al-Watan that next week is the time for Suhair Jouda and her followers to return to the screen.

The latest developments in the health condition of journalist Suhair Gouda

“Shiha” reassured the public about the journalist’s health condition Suheir GoudaIn yesterday’s episode, she indicated her return as soon as possible after complying with the treatment, saying: “I wanted to reassure you about the health condition of my colleague and friend Suhair Jouda. Praise be to God, she is fine and is gradually recovering from the health condition, as she had stomach and colon problems due to the pressure.”

A week’s rest for journalist Suhair Gouda after her recent crisis

“Shiha” continued: “For this reason, she took a week’s rest, and God willing, soon she will be with us and we will see her as soon as possible, and all the people who love her and ask about her, we will update you on her condition every day until she is able to communicate with us and check on her condition herself.”

Media personality Suhair Gouda would like to thank all her friends and fans, after their keenness to constantly ask her questions Her health crisis Expressing her gratitude and love, she said: “Friends are a blessing and a provision from our Lord, and the people who love you are the sweetest wealth in the world, their love and prayers, and in the height of pain I am happy when I know who asked Ali.”

The latest thing the media personality published on her official account

4 days ago, the journalist Suhair Gouda appeared on her official Facebook account, and published a video of the artist Nabila Obaid celebrating her birthday, and commented on it, saying: “Happy birthday, Nabila Obaid, Happy New Year, Lord.”

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