A star is born, Canale 5: Shallow and the other songs by Lady Gaga

Stasera all 21.40 Channel 5 proposes again A star is born. Released in 2018, and already become a sort of small cult, it is the fourth remake of A star was born (the first version came out in 1937). The classic story, starring Bradley Cooper (also director) e Lady Gaga, tells the story of the relationship between a singer who is as famous as he is tormented and a girl with big dreams who achieves fame thanks to him. Roles that then reverse until the tragic ending.

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Candidate for 8 Oscarswon one for Best Original Song: Shallowdelivered to Gaga and the other three authors of music and lyrics (Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt).

A star is born, the success of Shallow

Obviously, since the story is about the birth of a pop star, the film became memorable especially for the soundtrack. Consisting of 18 songs that stand out Shallow (translated as superficial). Duet between Jackson Maine (Cooper) and Ally (Gaga) which also made history for the passionate performance of the two actors during the 2019 Oscars, sitting at the piano and locking languid glances.

The song, the most listened to on Gaga’s Spotify (2 billion and 256 thousand plays; 1.5 billion views on YouTube), is a collaboration with Mark Ronson (producer of his album released in 2016: Joanne). And in addition to having won an Oscar, she then achieved the record of most awarded song in the history of music: over 32 awards in total.

What does the text say? Of two kindred souls who feel the need to go deeper and do everything in their power to move away from the surface. It’s a dialogue between Jackson and Ally. He asks her if she is happy. She responds by asking him if he isn’t tired of filling that void with alcohol. Shallow it is an intense ballad, a crescendo of emotions that explodes in unison voices. Contrary to the surface, Jackson and Ally are deep, regardless of appearances and united in the face of every obstacle.

“A star is born”, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga shared Jackson Maine and Ally. (IPA)

And I’ll always remember us this way a I’ll never love again

Another gem is I’ll always remember us this way. Second excerpt published in November 2018, it talks about a woman deeply in love, and reciprocated. A declaration to the beloved to whom recognizes the merit of having turned on “that light that I couldn’t find”. To then conclude, when he looks at her: “and the whole world vanishes, I will always remember us in this way.”

The third single released is I’ll never love again, a power ballad recorded live that earned a Grammy Award, multiple gold and platinum records and a diamond record. In the film the author of the song is Jacksonin reality it is written and composed by Gaga with Natalie Hemby, Hillary Lindsey and Aaron Raitiere. It’s the closing song A star is born. The verses tell of a farewell, of the fact that no longer having the possibility to do so, all that remains is retraces the love story with thought. “I don’t want to feel another touch, I don’t want to start another heartbeat, I don’t want to know another kiss, I don’t want to say another name.”

I’ll never love again It has a particular power. The reason is due to the news Gaga received shortly before recording it, namely that her childhood friend (Sonja Durham), a cancer patient, was in the final moments of her life. Dissuaded from leaving the set by Sonja’s husband, the singer unloaded her fake love for Jackson in the lyrics than the pain of the tragedy taking place in reality.

Among ASIB’s non-original but fundamental songs is La vie en rose. We hear it at the beginning of the film, when after a concert Jackson enters a gay night club where Ally is performing to the tune of Édith Piaf’s hit. It’s the moment he discovers her and pushes her to try the path of music, and in which she sings him a verse of Shallow.

A star is bornthe other songs on the soundtrack

Gaga and Cooper also duet on other songs. In Music to my eyes, Diggin’ my grave, I don’t know what love is. Of all of them, the latter is particularly intense, thanks to the way Gaga’s voice mixes with Cooper’s. Instead, she sings alone in Look what I found, Heal me, Is that alright?, Why did you do that?, Hair body face e Before I cry.

Bradley Cooper also tries his hand at it alone and does it in six songs. I am Black eyes, Maybe it’s time, Out of time, Alibi e Too far gone. Overall, the soundtrack of A star is born it was a worldwide success. The album, in fact, sold over two million copies.

Bradley Cooper e Lady Gaga in “A star is born”. (IPA)

The plot of the movie

Jackson Maine is an acclaimed rocker. The fans love him and the tours are sold out. Behind the facade, however, he hides the scars of a difficult past. He was born when his father was 63 and an alcoholic, his mother died in childbirth. He has an older brother, not always present. Furthermore, he suffers from tinnitus, a hearing disorder that torments him. This, together with the emotional void, pushed him to fall into the spiral of alcohol.

Meeting Ally has a regenerating effect. He immediately falls in love with her, struck by her voice, but it is the understanding that arises between them that unites them in good times and bad. Jackson is her pygmalion and Ally lets herself be guided. Theirs is an artistic and life partnership. Presto they get marriedAlly becomes an established singer and the first album achieves a resounding success.

Jack, however, struggles with alcohol and risks embarrassing his wife at the Grammy awards ceremony. The relationship breaks down, but Ally it does not give up. Continue to stay close to him even when he goes to rehab to detox. Once out, Jackson is ready to start again, but it won’t be easy to fight his demons.


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