A rumor claimed that Hooters would arrive in Argentina and the networks were filled with memes

November 24, 2023 – 22:02

A user published that the United States food chain would arrive in our country. Within minutes, dozens of memes responded to him about it.

One version states that the chain could land in Argentina. 

During this Friday the rumor spread by social networks that the food chain Hootersfrom the United States, would land in Argentina in the short term. Due to the particularities of the chain, the memes did not wait and the responses to the tweet that gave rise to the version flooded.

The announcement was made by a libertarian influencer who assured: “The controversial American gastronomic company Hooters registered its trademark in Argentina today and its imminent landing is assured.” She did so in a post on his Twitter account.

Hooters is known for be attended only by women highly sexualized, with a tiny muscular uniform and microshorts in the brand’s colors. In this way they seek to attract a male clientele.

The memes for the supposed arrival of Hooters to Argentina

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