A professor 2: when it comes out, previews, Gassmann

Alessandro Gassmann and Claudia Pandolfi are Dante and Anita, protagonists of the second season of “A Professor”, the series set in a Roman high school where he plays the role of a philosophy teacher (Rai official press photo)

A professor he is first and foremost a man. Thus Professor Dante Balestra, who in first season of the Rai 1 TV series had decisively entered the lives of his students, he laid himself bare as a human being. From Thursday 23 November, the second season of A professor: broadcast on Rai 1 in prime time, it is also available on the platform RaiPlay. The first two episodes of the second season of the series are available in streaming from November 14th. In total, the series consists of twelve episodes, for six prime time slots.

The plot of “A Professor”: where we were left

Dante Balestra (Alessandro Gassmann). He is a philosophy teacher who takes great care of the 3rd B students. Characterized by a contagious eccentricity and a propensity to flirt, Dante enthusiastically tackles even the most complicated cases. His unique personality and unconventional approach make him a professor much loved by students. With his son Simone (Nicolas Maupas), doesn’t have a particularly easy relationship. His ex-wife, Floriana (Christiane Filangieri) moved to Scotland, and after eight years of absence, Dante decides to return to live with his son. An already complicated situation becomes even more tense when Simone finds himself in her father’s class. Where Manuel stands out (Damiano Gavino), the classic black sheep in full adolescence. Manuele is the son of Anita (Claudia Pandolfi), Dante’s old friend. She that she will return to be closer to him than either of them could have imagined.

What happens in season two?

Behind the facade of the charismatic philosopher, all of Dante’s suffering emerged. That of a man who had to face the tragedy of the death of a son, Simone’s twin. Rebuilding a relationship with Simone, his only remaining son, allowed him to reconcile with his paternity. In the second season, Dante is consolidating his bond with the boy and is experiencing a new love with Anita. But inconveniences are around the corner.

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Unexpected events and entanglements, mysteries and revelations

While Dante and Anita live a fulfilling relationship, and their respective children approve of the union and cohabitation, his ex-wife decides to return to Rome. She and she goes to live in the villa where Dante had welcomed Anita. He begins a dangerous threesome with Anita. That, for his part, he has to deal with a new acquaintance. Nicola’s (Thomas Trabacchi), father of Viola (Alice Lupparelli), a new disabled student at the Leonardo Da Vinci school. These two unexpected entrances, with their secrets, will test Dante and Anita, forcing them to measure their mutual feelings. At school, Dante will have to rely on the teachings of the great philosophers to address the problems of students, old and new, in their most difficult age.

The difficult legacy of directing “A Professor”

The first season of A professor it was directed by Alessandro D’Alatri, who passed away on 3 May 2023 after a long illness. The second is the signature Alessandro Casale, who said: «It wasn’t very easy to get into this project. Unfortunately, personally Alessandro D’Alatri and I didn’t know each other. He left us a great series as a legacy and obviously facing it, being up to it, worried me. I must say that I found a wonderful cast, they helped me, they supported me. We had fun and I think we managed to achieve something that was at least as good as the first season.”

Gassmann Professore

Alessandro Gassmann in a scene from the series (Rai press office photo)

Alessandro Gassmann compared to Dante Balestra

«I would have been a terrible professor, I don’t have great patience, anyone who knows me knows this. But this is a series to which I owe a lot”, began Alessandro Gassmann. «Dante Balestra is a character that I love very much because he is precisely the professor that I didn’t have. And this is why I was a terrible student: I wasn’t lucky enough to have a professor who was so intelligent, so sensitive, and also a psychologist in some way.”

The Roman actor underlined how A professor, in his opinion, is an important series. «Particularly in this dramatic moment that we are all experiencing, with all the problems we know, because it tells uplifting stories. They are stories with a positive heart and that use comedy to get across. I believe that measured comedy, which also tells dramatic stories, is the cinematic form that most resembles real life.”

Leo Gassmann’s song

From the soundtrack of A professor the song is also part of it Give me a kiss, Jasigned by Leo Gassmann out November 17th. «The director Alessandro Casale, who has always been a fan of my music, sought me out to create an unreleased project. This song that I had in my drawer immediately came to mind”, said the singer. Who is following in his father Alessandro’s footsteps also as an actor, being busy on the set of a Rai series in which he plays Franco Califano.

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«This song tells of a love that changes over time, but remains eternal. It talks about kids, about Rome, about traffic, about a bond that brings enthusiasm and a desire to live. All themes that go very well with the story told in the series, of which I am a fan”: even the protagonist’s son follows A professor.


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