A private session between Koller and Akram Tawfiq on the sidelines of Al-Ahly’s training session.. Photo

Marcel Kohler, Al-Ahly’s technical director, was keen to hold a special session with Akram Tawfiq, the team’s player, on the sidelines of today’s training session, Thursday, at the beginning of the Red Giants’ preparations for the Arab Contractors match the day after tomorrow, Saturday, in the Premier League “League.” nile “.

Akram Tawfik with Kohler

Akram Tawfiq appeared at a very good level in the Sun Downs match yesterday in the African League, where he participated as a starter after a long period of absence from the main appearance due to a torn cruciate ligament, and he received praise from the experts, the technical staff, and the audience after the match, despite Al-Ahly’s farewell to the African League championship.

An inside source revealed Al-Ahly Akram Tawfiq’s position on participating in the Arab Contractors match next Saturday in the league, after suffering a severe bruise while participating in the Sun Downs match yesterday, Wednesday, in the second leg of the African Football League semi-finals.

The source confirmed that Akram Tawfiq suffered a bruise, but it will not prevent him from being on the roster for the Al-Mokawloon match, and he will be present in the Red Team’s training this evening normally, indicating that the player completed the match normally, and did not complain of any complications after being exposed to the bruise.

I apologized Al-Ahly He is training today at the Touch Stadium in preparation for his match against the Arab Contractors next Saturday in the sixth round of the league nilewithout getting a rest after bidding farewell to the African Football League championship.

Al-Ahly exited the African League Championship after losing to Sun Downs with a clean goal in the aggregate of the two matches of the continental championship round, and failing to achieve a positive result against the South African champions in the return match yesterday, Wednesday.

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