A new decision from “CAF” regarding the punishment of Walid Regragui

The Appeals Committee of the Confederation of African Football is moving towards reducing the punishment imposed on national voter Walid Regragui, which requires him to be suspended for four matches, two of which are suspended.

Sources revealed that “CAF” is moving towards reducing the punishment to two matches, one of which is suspended, which means his presence in the “Atlas Lions” reserve seat next Tuesday in the Africa Cup of Nations quarter-final match against South Africa, noting that he missed yesterday’s match against Zambia, which ended with the “Atlas Lions” winning by a goal to zero.

CAF has not issued any official decision, and the appeals committee has not yet met to consider the appeal of the Royal Moroccan Football League, but echoes coming from Côte d’Ivoire indicate that Ragragui’s punishment will be reduced.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Confederation of African Football suspended Walid Regragui, the coach of the Moroccan national team, for 4 matches, including two effective matches and two suspended matches.

CAF also decided to impose a fine on the Congolese Football Federation and the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, against the backdrop of the events that occurred after the end of the match between the two parties last Sunday, for the second round of the African Cup of Nations groups.

The university issued a statement following the issuance of the “CAF” decision, in which it announced the resumption of the sanctions issued against Regragui and the university, which stated: “Following the unfair decision taken by the Disciplinary Committee of the Confederation of African Football, against the coach of the national team, Mr. Walid Regragui, against the background of The events that took place at the end of the Moroccan national team’s match against its counterpart from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the second round of the African Football Cup in Côte d’Ivoire, resulting in a four-match suspension, two of which were suspended, the Royal Moroccan Football Federation decided to appeal the decision, which it considers to be wrong. Especially since the facts showed that Mr. Walid Regragui did not commit any behavior that violates the spirit of sportsmanship.”


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