A ghost dealership in CABA defrauded customers, closed its doors and kept $190 million

Diego Ferrari lives in Bariloche and with a lot of effort he raised money to change his vehicle. After so many years of work, he decided to give himself that pleasure. Him and his son They contacted a dealership of the City of Buenos Aires and agreed to transfer 10,500,000 pesosbut the operation turned out to be a scam.

The company, whose fantasy name is SouthVilleis on 9 de Julio, exactly on the corner of Bernardo de Irigoyen and Chile, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Monserrat.

In the last hours TN He tried to contact the firm through the contact telephone number listed on the website, but the number is out of service. In addition, its large windows are now covered and inside there was only a desk, some papers and posters with the word “scammers” stuck on the walls.

The Monserrat dealership was boarded up and without staff.  (Photo: TN)

The Monserrat dealership was boarded up and without staff. (Photo: TN)

The case was reported on Tuesday afternoon, at the 1F neighborhood police station in CABA. Tomás, one of the buyers, spoke with TN and told details of the robbery that he and his father suffered, since both had contributed money for the purchase of two zero kilometer trucks. According to what he said, to start the purchase they had to deliver half of the money in pesos, and the rest of the amount was taken as part payment with an old utility vehicle that the family had.

“We were wanting to buy a truck. That’s why we started searching and We found the dealership through Mercado Libre. It seemed reliable, we even told a friend who lives in the Capital to stop by the store to see if it existed. Our idea was to deliver a truck as part payment and take out two others, putting a difference of money on top,” Tomás explained.

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“Everything was by phone because I was in Bariloche. We got in touch, they told us what the conditions were like and We found it reliable, with reasonable prices to today’s market. After talking about all that, we reached an agreement,” added the young man.

According to the victim, On September 29, they transferred 10,500,000 million to a Banco Galicia account, in the name of Nahuel Jonathan Benaventeunder the society Urban Cars S.A. With that money, according to what they had arranged, they could get the first vehicle. But none of that happened.

A certain Darío insisted on making the transfer before the end of the month because there was a price change. First he told us that November 1 was the delivery date for the first truck and November 10 for the second truck. During the month of October we had certain communications, comings and goings, sending the purchase receipt and other documentation. At one point, the guy who served us disappears for a week. We called him, but he didn’t answer. And so five days passed. It already sounded strange to us there,” Tomás said.

“On the sixth day he spoke to us and told us that he was sick, that he had not been able to answer. And we thought ‘it was just a scare’. After my old man traveled to Buenos Aires the last week of October and he was at the dealership. He spoke with this person named Darío, who was the one with whom we had the telephone conversation, and he kicked the date again, He told him that they were going to deliver a truck on November 7 and the other on November 10,” he added.

On Tuesday, Tomás and his father had to have the keys to the first truck. However, When Diego arrived at the place his world fell apart. “My dad came back yesterday morning and He found an empty place, completely boarded up. While standing at the door, indignant, more people who were scammed began to arrive,” he explained. There would be at least 10 complaints against that dealership, according to what he was able to know TN.

Diego Ferrari's complaint at the Monserrat dealership.  (Photo: TN)

Diego Ferrari’s complaint at the Monserrat dealership. (Photo: TN)

“The neighbors told us that there were many people who had their money stolen, that they had gone to complain and no one was there. There we began to do a kind of investigation to see who the owner was. We spoke with the bank that was where the transfer was made and They told us that it was a public limited company called Urban Cars.in the name of Nahuel Jonathan Benavente,” he added.

The criminal plot does not end with this case, but rather In total they would have stolen 190 million pesos from different people who wanted to buy a car and were scammed. “I suppose that as the days go by, more people will join,” he said.

The cause is in the hands of the inspection N°46 in charge of Adrián Pérez. “Let’s hope that the doctor requests the arrest, at least, of this man. I know that we are not going to get the money back, but we want there to be no more scammed people. We are all left with a feeling of disappointmentbecause behind the purchase there is a lot of effort what one does, even some people they lost all their savings“, hill.

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