A Fazenda 2023: who comes out today, 11/09, in Roa? See updated voting poll

Jaquelline, Lucas Souza and Henrique Martins compete for preference
Jaquelline, Lucas Souza and Henrique Martins compete for public preference (Photo: Disclosure)

A seventh Roça of The Farm 15, Record’s reality show, will have the results announced this Thursday (09). According to the official schedule, the program starts at 10:45 pm (Brasília time).

In this rock, Jaquelline, Lucas Souza e Henrique Martins compete for public preference. One of the three participants will be eliminated and will lose the chance to win the millionaire prize.

At around 9:10 am this Thursday, in a UOL poll to find out who should stay on the program, Jaquelline was the leader, with 44.33% of the votes, followed closely by Lucas, with 44.09%. Henrique, in turn, had only 11.58% of the votes.

It is worth noting that the official voting takes place on the R7 portal.

Where to watch?

A Farm 15 is broadcast by Record and PlayPlus, the broadcaster’s subscription service.


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