A drone crashed… What happened in Taba, Egypt, near Israel?

A drone crashed… What happened in Taba, Egypt, near Israel?

The Egyptian and Israeli accounts were similar regarding what the cities of Taba and Nuweiba witnessed, but they differed in the details.

An “unidentified object” fell near a power station in the resort of Nuweiba on the Red Sea coast of the Sinai Peninsula, according to what Egyptian media reported on Friday, October 26.

This development came a few hours after 6 people were injured in the Egyptian city of Taba, as a result of an object falling on a medical facility.

The Egyptian army announced that “what happened to the city of Taba was caused by the downing of an unidentified drone,” while the Israeli army said that it had detected an “air threat” in the Red Sea region without specifying the location.

Analyzes vary regarding the two incidents. While analysts believe that the drone was coming from Yemen, that is, from the Houthis, others rule this out, and some of them tend to believe that the source is a closer location.

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