A building collapses in Canale Monterano, three are pulled alive from the rubble

A two-storey building collapsed this morning in Canale Monterano, in the province of Rome, near Lake Bolsena. Three people were pulled alive from the rubble by firefighters and transported to hospital. They are a couple, a man and a woman and their son, an 18 year old boy, who were stuck under the rubble. Search operations are currently underway for any further people involved. One of the injured was taken to the Gemelli polyclinic in Rome with various injuries, while the other two were taken to the Bracciano hospital with trauma and abrasions. Firefighters and carabinieri from the Bracciano company were on site.

A team specialized in searching through the rubble is also at work

Among the fire brigade teams is a unit of the Usar team, Urban Search and Rescue, specialized in rescue activities among the rubble resulting from seismic events, explosions, collapses or static and hydrogeological instability.

Collapse probably caused by a gas leak

The collapse occurred around 8.30 am following an explosion, most likely caused by a gas leak. The police and 118 are also present on site. The municipality of Canale Monterano is located about 70 kilometers from the capital.

Italgas, found LPG cylinders

From initial checks, the house concerned was not connected to the city gas distribution network managed by Italgas. Italgas announced this in a note. «Consequently – underlines Italgas – the cause of the event could be attributed to another source. Some LPG cylinders were found on site.”

A building collapsed near Rome probably following an explosion due to a gas leak. It happened in the municipality of Canale Monterano (Ansa/Fire Brigade)

The third person was extracted alive

The third person, a resident of the two-storey building that exploded, has just been pulled alive from the rubble. The firefighters had identified the person – whose details have not yet been disclosed – under the rubble, while the other two residents of the building had already been saved and entrusted to 118 for treatment and transfer to hospital .

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