5 times the characters had questionable attitudes

Despite being beloved, the characters in the series didn’t always make the best decisions; check out some of them

The characters of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ are very loved by the public, who followed the plot during 12 seasons until 2019. The group of protagonists is considered a group of geniuses, especially those who work directly with science.

The series is marked by unforgettable moments motivated by silly decisions made by the main group. Certainly, these decisions were extremely important for the development of the narrative, as they guaranteed iconic episodes. However, it is also possible to say that such acts can be considered somewhat doubtful.

Aventuras na História separated 5 times in which characters from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ had intriguing attitudes. Check out:

1. Harassment

Even though he is a brilliant man, the physicist Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) can be considered ignorant in some aspects, that is, he lacks knowledge of the world in some everyday situations, especially in his work environment, the place the scientist occupies most besides his apartment.

The character Sheldon and his assistant – Credit: Disclosure / CBS

In several episodes, the character was not nice to his co-workers, or treated them inappropriately. He once compared his assistant to an egg salad sandwich and cited her menstrual period, for example. Nowadays, he would probably be fired. However, in production, he was only called several times to the Human Resources room.

2. Penny’s Wedding

Most of the protagonists are scientists, but one member breaks this pattern: Penny (Kaley Cuoco). However, the young aspiring actress is certainly not a stupid person, especially considering the world knowledge that she has. Thus, the news that she was married came as a shock to the public.

Penny claimed she didn’t know that the weddings held in Las Vegas have legal value, so, because she thought everything was fake, she and her then-boyfriend Zack they got married there during a trip, according to the ScreenRant portal.

Penny and her ex-husband Zack in the series – Credit: Disclosure / CBS

This caused Leonard (Johnny Galecki) lost all his remaining calm, as it didn’t matter how drunk the former couple was: they still had to sign paperwork to solidify the union. The luck was that they both believed that everything was a joke at the time, or the consequences might not have been the best.

3. A casa top model

The Howard Friends (Simon Helberg) e Raj (Kunal Nayyar) have always been great love enthusiasts and tried, during several episodes, to find girlfriends who met their love standards developed over the years. But when the duo discovered the program ‘America’s Top Model’I didn’t know how to react.

The beautiful potential models were in a house in the Los Angeles area and the friends tried hard to find the location. They engaged military-grade satellites until they were able to find the house. In addition to this practice being illegal in many spheres, it is also frightening, especially when both appeared dressed like fake workers.

Raj and Howard at the top models’ house – Credit: Disclosure / CBS

4. Unexpected night

Something that also shocked fans was the short relationship between Penny and Raj, who almost spent the night together — but nothing actually happened between them. Most of the friends in the series had a certain “crush” on the character and Raj didn’t escape that. After a few glasses of wine, the two took off several pieces of clothing and They lay in bed together.

Raj and Penny after waking up together – Credit: Disclosure / CBS

This almost relationship between the two could be responsible for ending the group’s dynamics, since, at that point, Penny was Leonard’s ex-girlfriend, which made this involvement even more dangerous. This attitude could also separate the friendships between the other members of the most beloved “gang” of scientists on television.

5. Cheating? Like this?

The most beloved romance of the entire production was that of Penny and Leonard, even if it had its ups and downs. When Leonard tells Penny, on the day they get married, that he kissed a girl, even the audience believes that it’s nothing more than a lie.

He reports that he kissed another girl while he spent days at sea, however, the information did not make sense to the character. When he had everything he wanted, he almost threw it away for an attraction?

Penny thought about it and said she could overcome the situation, but her feelings changed when she saw him with the then misterious woman at the university where Leonard worked. That scene was a great discomfort, both for the characters and for those watching.

Leonard and the woman he kisses during his time on the high seas – Credit: Disclosure / CBS

It is worth noting that all seasons of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ are available on HBOMAX here in Brazil.

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