5 iconic moments from the event

Comic Con Experience celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023.

27 nov
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CCXP23 approaches and the mix of curiosity and speculation about who will come to Brazil begins to intensify. Given this, nothing more fair than remembering 5 remarkable moments in these 10 years of CCXP.

Making Pandora’s list of 5 iconic CCXP moments was difficult, but I’m already opening the list with Will Smith, at CCXP 2017.

On the occasion, the actor wore an Orc mask and walked among the crowd, among the fans, until he climbed into a reserved space and took off the mask to reveal his identity. Obviously, the public went wild!

Speaking of surprises, this one really impressed me, I was in the auditorium and I remember what an outbreak it was. In context, it was CCXP 2018 and there were already rumors that Jake Gyllenhaal would come to Brazil. However, when the panel was about to end, Tom Holland appeared out of nowhere and the main stage of the event almost collapsed.

Another milestone was the 2019 CCXP, which managed to bring together the ‘Star Wars’ elite, director JJ Abrams and protagonists Oscar Isaac, John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, on the main stage. But I couldn’t fail to mention that, in the same edition of the event, we had the incredible Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins in Brazil. An image that will never leave my memory was the entire auditorium making the Wonder Woman symbol along with her!

I also couldn’t fail to mention the two times that Kevin Feige took the CCXP stage, in 2019 and in 2022. On both occasions, Marvel fans were thrilled with the news that Zé Cap brought about the MCU.

Finally, let’s talk about CCXP22? A peak moment was the arrival of Keanu Reeves and Pedro Pascal. Keanu Reeves, with his legacy and legion of fans, was impressed by the public’s affection, while Pedro Pascal distributed smiles and participated in everything and more.

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