5 crises that involved Karim Benzema with the Jeddah Union… “The Great Escape” – Miscellaneous

A short journey, but fraught with crises on all sides, was experienced by Frenchman Karim Benzema with Al-Ittihad in Jeddah, but it seems that it did not last long, after the tense relationship between all parties, the player, the coach, and the fans, in addition to his repeated absence from participating with the Tigers.

Karim Benzema’s crises with the Jeddah Union are an ongoing show

Wholesale crises crowded Karim Benzema’s short and humble record with the Jeddah Federation, perhaps the last of which was after his absence from participating in the Jeddah Federation’s training for several consecutive sessions, against the backdrop of the crisis that brought him together with the team’s coach, Marcelo Gallardo, due to his exclusion from one of the matches, but it was not the only crisis.

The leadership badge crisis was Karim Benzema’s first crisis with the Jeddah Federation, as he asked to obtain it as soon as he arrived to the team, coming from Real Madrid, as he has great experience on football fields, especially in Europe, but the former Jeddah Federation player, Nuno Santo, rejected this request, under the pretext of choosing him. Brazilian Romarinho, then Ahmed Sharahili.

Since then, the relationship between them was no longer good. The crisis between Benzema and Santo worsened because of the way the Portuguese coach played, at times and because of his bad treatment at other times. But the coach did not stand by and watch. Rather, he said that Karim Benzema’s way of playing did not fit with his plan and that the player did not have a suitable place in the team. The plan, and that he did not ask to contract with him in the first place.

From here, a not-so-cold war began. Benzema moved immediately to inform the Jeddah Football Association management of his discomfort, and his feeling of lack of appreciation and unprofessional treatment from the Portuguese coach. Not many days passed and the club decided to oust Santo.

After a short period, Karim Benzema’s relationship with the fans became tense, due to the decline in the team’s level of presence, and specifically after the exit from the Club World Cup, following the loss at the hands of Al-Ahly, and then losing twice, including a humiliating defeat against Al-Nasr by five, causing him to miss the Tigers’ training for a consecutive period, which prompted The coach excluded him in a disciplinary procedure, and he continued to be absent, which made the fans accuse him of fleeing from the team and responsibility, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca.

Crises Karim Benzema with Jeddah Union It cast a shadow on his technical level, as he only scored 9 goals over the course of 15 matches with the team in the Saudi League, and he only participated in 20 matches since the beginning of his career.

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