3 reasons led the Tunisia national team to achieve a wide victory in the World Cup qualifiers

A strong start for the Tunisian national team in the World Cup qualifiers (Facebook/Tunisian Federation)

Achieve Tunisia national teamOn Friday, a huge victory over the Sao Tome national team, with a score of 4-0, in the first round of the African qualifiers for…world Cup 2026 in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico, during the confrontation that took place at the Hamadi Al-Aqrabi Stadium in the capital, Tunis.

Yassine Meriah, Esperance defender, took the initiative to score for the “Eagles of Carthage”, then Youssef Msakni added the second goal, Hamza Rafia scored the third goal, while Firas Balarabi sealed the score by scoring the fourth goal. Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed monitored the reasons for the Tunisian national team’s massive victory.

  • Exploiting fixed balls

The battalion of technical director Jalal Al-Qadiri was going through extreme difficulties at the beginning of the match, until the first goal was scored by Yassin Meriah after a free-kick executed by Naeem Al-Seliti. Therefore, the free-kick weapon was crucial to facilitating the match, which is a distinctive feature of the big teams, because some confrontations are against rivals who… They close the openings, and the set-piece weapon is always the solution to remove the opponents from their defensive formation.

  • Residential experience

The experience of the Tunisian national team captain, Youssef Msakni, who scored the second goal in a distinctive way, contributed to facilitating the confrontation against the “Eagles of Carthage”, as he was able, with his great technique, to score a decisive goal at a fatal time, through which he confirmed that he is an important player in the formation of the national team, despite his relative progress in the team. Age (33 years).

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Despite the great victory of Montaser Talbi’s teammates, it must be recognized that the weakness of the opponent is considered a major factor in achieving this great victory, especially since Tunisia was attacking with the largest number of players, with the continuous rise of the full-backs: Wajdi Kashrida from the right side, and Ali Al-Abdi from the left side. They contributed greatly, especially in the third and fourth goals.

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