3 evidence revealed the separation of Hana El Zahid and Ahmed Fahmy before their announcement today

The curtain came down on the series of separation of the two stars Ahmed Fahmy and here is ZahidAfter the rumors that spread about their divorce over the past months and continued until this week, until Hana Al-Zahid officially announced today, Wednesday, via her account on Instagram: “Praise be to God, the separation between me and Ahmed has occurred after 4 years of marriage, and may God write goodness to each one of us.”

Over the past months, many signs have emerged that revealed their separation or even their agreement to separate, and perhaps the most prominent of them is that Hana Al-Zahid did not publish any photo of her with Ahmed Fahmy for almost a year, as the last photo she published with Ahmed was last November, and that is in contrast to what was happening. Between them, they would post pictures and videos of their time together, or even as a joke.

Here are Al Zahid and Ahmed Fahmy

Hana El Zahid and Ahmed Fahmy’s wedding anniversary also coincided last September, yet neither Hana nor Ahmed celebrated this occasion. The duo did not publish any photos or videos to celebrate this occasion, despite their habit of celebrating their wedding anniversary over the past three years, and this indicates that The separation occurred months ago without completing the official divorce procedures.

The third indication is that many of those close to the duo, Ahmed Fahmy and Hana Al-Zahed, revealed that the latter left the marital home approximately 3 months ago and settled in her mother’s house. This also appeared from the pictures that she published here from her home, which was different from the marital home, as she used to publish pictures of it on her account. On Instagram throughout the marriage period, the public became aware of the details of the house and could differentiate it from any other house.

Ahmed Fahmy and here is Zahid

Ahmed Fahmy and here is Zahid

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Fahmy and Hana Al-Zahed married her in September of 2019 after a short love story, and they cooperated artistically in the work of “Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shahat,” which was shown in Ramadan 2019 and co-starred with Mohamed Abdel-Rahman “Tota,” and the play “Jawazat Ma’farta,” which was shown. In Saudi Arabia, the movie “Mister X,” which was recently shown in cinemas, as well as a radio series.

The movie “Mr. The most prominent of them are Amr Youssef, Akram Hosni, Reem Mostafa, Mai Omar, and the work is the story of Amani Al-Tunisi, and the idea of ​​​​Mohamed Sweilem and Fadi Abu Al-Saud, directed by Ahmed Abdel Wahab.

Here are Zahid and Ahmed Fahmy

Here are Zahid and Ahmed Fahmy

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